Registration Information

  1. Online Students
  2. Campus Students

Online Students

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When registration begins, the registration form will be posted in the Forms section. Download the registration form, complete the form in its entirety and return it to the MBA Advisor via email (preferred), fax, or in-person delivery no later than the deadline listed. The form should have your physical signature and student ID on it.

Session 1 (Spring) Registration Period Dates: end of November - January 9

Session 2 (Summer) Registration Period Dates: end of February - April 3

Session 3 (Fall) Registration Period Dates: end of May - July 3

Session 4 (Fall) Registration Period Dates: end of August - September 25

After the MBA Advisor receives your registration form, permission numbers for classes will be emailed to your Toro student email account. This will occur in the order in which the registration forms were received. Please be patient during this busy time. 

Once you have the permission number you’ll need to register for your class on within 48 hours. (See the link below on registration instructions at the bottom of this web page.) If a permission number goes unused for 48 hours it may be issued to another student who is ready to register. Please remember to pay at the time of registration to avoid getting dropped from the class. 

If you cannot register online, please contact the College of Extended & International Education Registrar's Office at 310.243.3741.

Campus Students

Permission numbers will be sent to your Toro email account.  Payment is due at time of registration, classes may be removed if payment is not received.

Fall Registration Period Dates: July to first day of classes

Spring Registration Period Dates: mid October to first day of classes

If you cannot register online, please contact Records at 310.243.3645.

ALL GRADUATE STUDENTS - Continuous Enrollment

All students must be in active enrollment to remain within the University. Active enrollment is a minimum of one course per Fall and Spring semesters or sessions. Students who cannot maintain active enrollment will be inactivated by University Registrar. Students who wish to maintain active enrollment but do not want to enroll in a specific course may request a leave of educational absence or register for a continuance course, BUS 600. Please contact the MBA Coordinator for further details.

Registration instructions for [PDF]

Withdrawal Policies

All students are responsible for all tuition and fee charges when registering for courses. Students may utilize a variety of payments towards their tuition such as third party payees, student loans, grants, etc. Students must contact the Student Financial Services Office for payment plans or other issues. Please note: online students may pay their tuition and fees through installment plans directly to the Extended Education Registrar Office. Please contact the Extended Education Registrar Office at 310.243.3741.