Online Program

The MBA online program is intended to be an 18 month program and is scheduled separately from the University academic calendar. The courses are offered in four sessions. Each session is scheduled in 12 week intervals. The typical course load is two courses per session. The academic calendar is as follows:

  • Session 1 (Spring) - beginning of January to end of March
  • Session 2 (Summer) - beginning of April to end of June
  • Session 3 (Fall #1) - end of June to end of September
  • Session 4 (Fall #2) - end of September to middle of December

For a list of courses offered, go to Schedule in the Student Services section.

On-Campus Program

The MBA on-campus program is an 18 month program and is scheduled with the University academic calendar. Students must attend the program year round to finish in 18 months. The current academic calendar can be found here. The University has three semesters in any given year.

  • Spring Semester (January through May)
  • Summer Semester (June through July)
  • Fall Semester (August through December)

Courses are scheduled in the evenings between the hours of 7 pm and 9:45 pm. The typical course load is two courses per semester. Each course is scheduled weekly and students typically have a Monday and Wednesday schedule. Students in the on-campus format must adhere to the course schedule to graduate in 18 months.