Loker Student Union
Board Member Roster

Elected and/or Appointed

PositionName and/or TitleTerm EndTerm Length
Student Affairs ManagerStephen Rice6/142-year term
Academic Senate RepToni Marich6/132-year term
Alumni RepBarbara Gomez6/132-year term
ASI Senate Rep (Vice Chair)Chardae Jenkins6/131-year term
ASI Senate RepGavin Centeno6/131-year term
Student at LargeTeela Caldwell6/142-year term
Student at LargeSam Shabot6/132-year term
Student at Large (Chair)Gina Delahoussaye6/142-year term
Student at LargeJordan Sylvester6/132-year term
Community RepTamala Lewis6/142-year term


Ex-Officio Voting

PositionName and/or TitleTerm Length
University President (Designee)David Gamboago with position
Vice President, Student AffairsDr. Susan Borregogo with position
ASI President (or Designee)Djeneba Coulibalygo with position


Ex-Officio Non-voting

PositionName and/or TitleTerm Length
Chief Fiscal Officer (Designee)Mary Ann Rodriguezgo with position
Director, Facilities PlanningJonathan Schefflergo with position
Director of Student UnionCecilia Ortizgo with position
Director, Disabled Student ServicesPatricia Ann Wellsgo with position
Associate V.P., Student LifeDr. Sonja Danielsgo with position


Corporate Officers

PositionName and/or Title
ChairGina Delahoussaye
Vice ChairChardae Jenkins
SecretarySam Shabot