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This page is designed to help you enhance your course by integrating library resources, services, and information literacy materials into your Blackboard page. Please contact Wei Ma or Naomi Moy for questions or assistance with placing materials in Blackboard.

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Journal Articles

Required or supplementary articles for your course can be placed in Blackboard by including the article links. When you already have a reference or citation to a specific journal article, find out if the Library has the journal article you would like to place in your Blackboard course by consulting the CSUDH Journals List.

When you find a citation to the article, click on the link for the citation and try to find and copy the "persistent link to this record " or "stable URL" or "DOI" which are often found near the bottom of the page. The persistent link should be used instead of the URL in the address bar. The address that you copy from the address bar may be unstable and cause the article to disappear within the day. In order to have remote access available to your students, please be sure the URL you copy contains "". Please check to make sure the links work. If you need assistance, please contact Naomi Moy or Wei Ma.

If you already know the article's title, author(s), and other identifying information, see the Find a Specific Article tutorial.


You can create links to specific databases to assist students in finding articles for your course. Please use the links provided in the University Library website so that students can log in to the databases with their student ID information.

To find the URL for single databases, use the list of Article Databases by Title. Click on a database to copy and paste the URL into Blackboard.

Books & eBooks

Use the Library's OneSearch Catalog to search for books by author, title or subject. You can link the cataloging record to books, such as a book placed on reserve. The Library asks that students make sure they know the call number of the material they wish to check out before going Reserves desk, so that materials may be quickly retrieved. You can help by providing students with the call numbers of items after they have been processed.

It is also possible to find ebooks in our collections of online books and place the link to the book in your Blackboard. You and your students will be asked to provide your MyCSUDH username and password in order to access the books in the online collections.

  • CSUDH OneSearch Online Catalog is the catalog of books held by the University library. Records for individual titles or results lists for books on specific topics may be placed into your Blackboard course page. Simply check the box for eBooks on the left hand side to narrow to only electronic books.
  • EBSCO eBooks is a collection of full text eBooks. Users can save or print portions of books, or download whole books for short periods of time. Registering with EBSCO can allows users to create a personal bookshelf, as well as make notes and highlight text in eBooks.
  • eBrary is a collection of over 32,000 books selected for the academic library. Users can save or print portions of books, or download whole books for 14 days.  Students can register on the eBrary site to create a personal bookshelf, as well as make notes and highlight text in eBooks.
  • All eBook vendors- use this list to find of all the databases that offer eBooks.

Copyright Issues

Faculty members maintain responsibility for providing materials on Blackboard within the copyright laws. It is your responsibility to upload and then remove copyrighted Blackboard items from your Blackboard each semester.

Please see our reserves & eReserves website for the University Library's up-to-date copyright policy and Fair Use guidelines.

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