DH Intramurals

Have fun and get college credit. Each one unit (1 u) class is offered every Fall and Spring semester ($10.00 activity fee for each class) Create your own team or join as a “free agent”. Compete with fellow students, faculty and staff. PE & REC students can assist running and supervising classes for class credit and participation.

NOTE: We advise all students participating in the Intramural Sports Program to check their campus/student e-mail weekly for any change in activities and conditions on the fields, courts, and in the pool areas.

George Wing
Director of Intramurals
(310) 243-2219

Wayne Timmerman
Program Assistant
(310) 243-3757

Fall 2015 Schedule
ClassClass TitleDay(s)TimeLocation
KIN 150A-01 CRN 40084       Soccer/OutdoorTue Thu1:00pm-2:15pm          ACT FIELD
KIN 180-01 CRN 40181Adaptive SportsMon11:00am-11:50am      GYM D102
KIN 180-02 CRN 40182Aqua AerobicsMon Wed12:00pm–12:50pmPool
KIN 180-03 CRN 40183Aqua AerobicsTue Thu12:00pm–12:50pmPool
KIN 180-04 CRN 40184BasketballTue Thu9:00am-9:50amGYM D102
KIN 180-05 CRN 40185BasketballTue Thu10:00am–10:50amGYM D102
KIN 180-06 CRN 40186Flag FootballMon Wed2:30pm–3:45pmACT FIELD
KIN 180-07 CRN 40187SoccerMon Wed2:30pm–3:45pmACT FIELD
KIN 180-08 CRN 40188SoccerTue Thu1:00pm–2:15pmACT FIELD
KIN 180-09 CRN 40189SoccerTue Thu2:30pm–3:45pmACT FIELD
KIN 180-10 CRN 40190SoftballMon Wed12:00pm-12:50pmACT FIELD
KIN 180-11 CRN 40191TennisMon Wed10:00am-11:15amTENN CRTS
KIN 180-12 CRN 40192TennisMon Wed11:30am–12:45pmTENN CRTS
KIN 180-13 CRN 40193VolleyballMon Wed10:00am–11:15amGYM D102
KIN 180-14 CRN 40194Walking for HealthMon Wed10:00am–11:15amGYM D102
KIN 180-15 CRN 40195Walking for HealthMon Wed1:00pm-2:15pmGYM D102
KIN 180-16 CRN 40196Walking for HealthTue Thu10:00am-11:15amGYM D102
KIN 180-17 CRN 40197Walking for HealthTue Thu1:00pm–2:15pmGYM
KIN 180-18 CRN 40198Fly FishingMon1:00pm–2:15pmSAC 1107
KIN 180-20 CRN 42752Indoor HandballMon Wed10:00am-11:15amGYM D102

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