Transferring Etiquette

When transferring a call to another extension, please:

  • Communicate to your caller that his/her call will be transferred to "name/department and extension." Ask the person to make a note of the number for future reference or in case the call gets disconnected during transferring.
  • Announce that a call is being transferred, so that the person receiving the call knows that a transferred call is on the way. This will ensure that the caller is being transferred to the correct person/department and will get the assistance necessary. For example, you could say, "Hi Maria, I'm transferring Suzie because she is having problems with her phone." Rather than, "transferring a call" and then hanging up.
  • You can verify phone numbers by visiting our online directory. You can get a listing of all department numbers by selecting "search by department", leaving the field empty and selecting submit.
  • If you do not have time to look up a number, please advise the caller that they will be transferred to the campus operator at x3696.