Sending to a Distribution List

See Creating a Distribution List, which walks you through the creation of a distribution list. This tip will walk you through sending a message to an already created distribution list.

  1. Dial into voice mail
  2. "To send a message press 3", press 3
  3. "Please enter the destination mailbox number or to dial by name press *" (this will be the star followed by whatever group number you're sending the message to)
  4. "To list number _, [reads list name here], please enter the next recipients mailbox number, or to dial by name, press *. When you're finished, press #.", record message, press #. "To send your message press 1, re-record press 2, review press 3, continue recording press 4, cancel your message press *"
  5. Once message is recorded, press 1 to send the message
  6. You will then be given two delivery options , "For normal delivery press 1, for urgent delivery press 2", press 1 or 2
  7. You will be given two additional options, "To send this message standard press 1, certified press 2" press 1 or 2.
  8. The system will confirm that your message has been sent by saying, "thanks, your message was sent."