Review Messages Frequently

Following are some tips that will help you in your use of Voice Mail. Overall, these tips contribute to a more efficient voice mail system.

Don't Hide Behind the System
Although voice mail is very convenient as an answering device, people's first choice will be to speak with you directly. If you are available, answer the phone when it rings.

The primary principle is to use your Voice Mailbox as you would like others to use theirs. We can all benefit from efficient use of Voice Mail, one of our most powerful communications and time saving tools.

Check for and Review Messages Frequently
Check your voice mail periodically each day and respond to all messages in a timely manner. (Use other time saving tools, when you respond such as the Reply and Send a Copy feature options).

Excerpts from Pacific Bell Voice Mail Tips and Etiquette Manual PB532 (1/92) Pacific Bell Information Services.