Meet-Me Conference

Did you know that Telephone Services can help you set-up conference calls by using a feature called "MEET-ME CONFERENCE"? This is how it works:

  • A Meet-Me Conference may include a total of 12 parties. Schedule the time and number of parties for a Meet-Me Conference. E-mail to make reservation. Do this well in advance of the planned conference time. (Allow 1 to 2 weeks for set-up). Telephone Services assigns a special Meet-Me conference directory number to be dialed by each party at the scheduled time. The person arranging the conference informs each party of the date and time to call the Meet-Me Conference number (usually a 310-243-XXXX number).
  • As each party dials the Meet-Me Conference number, a conference entry tone can be heard by the caller and the parties already in the conference.
  • You may leave a Meet-Me Conference at any time by hanging up. To rejoin conference, redial the Meet-Me Conference number.
  • People calling (from off-campus) into the Meet-Me Conference number pay a usage charge similar to that of a regular phone call to any CSUDH telephone number. Charges will appear on their telephone bill. People calling from an on-campus extension will not incur any per minute charges.