Listening to/Reviewing Messages

Here are some tips to use when listening to/reviewing incoming messages. Note: Some of the following are non-prompted features, meaning that there are no voice prompts offering these options to you. However, by depressing the appropriate key, you can access the different features.

Message Menu Options (reach these options when press 1 or 2 to listen to messages)

  • Press 1 to Review Message
  • Press 2 to Skip Message or Save
  • Press 3 to Delete Message (move to deleted folder)
  • Press 4 to Reply to the Message
  • Press 5 to Forward a copy of the Message

Control Keys (when listening to a message, these options are available)

  • Press 7 to Rewind
  • Press 8 to Pause and 8 again to Resume
  • Press 9 to Fast Forward