Call Pick-Up

Q: How do I answer another ringing phone in my department if the number does not appear on my telephone instrument/set?

A: If you are in a call pickup group, you can pick up the ringing line by either dialing #7 or by depressing the call pickup (CLPK) button on your phone.

If you are not in a call pick up group and would like to be, please send a request that includes all the telephone numbers that need to be in the group and the name of the department.


For an occasional call pick up, you can press # 7 and then dial the extension number of ringing phone to pick up the call.

Call pickup is a nice feature because:

  • It eliminates the need to use one of your feature buttons to have a coworker's extension appear on your phone.
  • It's nice to answer the phone when someone you share the office with steps out for a moment and would like you to answer their phone.