PeopleSoft Student Administration Student Records Training

Academic Structure, Navigation

Academic structure includes institution, career, program and plan in which a student is assigned in PeopleSoft (Colleges, Depts., Programs, Majors, etc.). In PeopleSoft, all students are assigned to a plan. In order to understand academic structure, all current Banner users who interact with students and view and or update student information should attend one session of the Academic Structure and Navigation training for PeopleSoft. You will be shown how to view terms, sessions, and academic calendar information in PeopleSoft along with Catalog and Class Schedule information.

This 2-hour training session is highly recommended as a pre-requisite to all other training sessions offered. If your student assistants will also attend this session, please confirm their attendance in your response and provide their names. Supervisors are responsible for training any staff or student assistants who are unable to attend this training session or the following make-up sessions.

Bio/Demo Data, 3C’s, Service Indicators and Enrollment Summaries

Bio/demo data includes name, address, marital status, gender, SSN, address, phone, email, ethnicity, and military status. 3C’s includes communication, comments and checklists (although we will not cover checklists in this meeting). We will learn how to view and update service indicators (holds). We will also view enrollment summaries and FERPA coding.

Required for all Department Secretaries, Admissions and Records staff, Credential Office staff, Graduate Studies staff, Library and Housing staff and Advisors

Graduation, Graduate Programs and Credential Processing

This training focuses on how to update and view student program and plan, access student career screen, view term and cumulative statistics, special gpa, update milestones, create, update student groups, run batch programs to assign student groups, run queries.

Required for Records specialists, Graduation Evaluators, Advisors assigned to change majors, Graduate Studies personnel and Credentials analysts.

Registration Processing

This training involves all processes required to enroll students in classes including term activation, updating enrollment, block enrollment, enrollment request search, enrollment summaries, update term withdrawal, update registration appointments, view student services center. Printing class rosters, viewing student financial information and financial aid information and quick admit process for cross enrolled students.

Required for all Records/Registration specialists, customer support specialists, and extended education registration staff.

Records Processing

This training includes assigning servicing indicators (holds) in batch, generating course permission numbers, waitlist processing, running special gpa process, updating, viewing and printing student grades, incompletes, and milestones. Student communication, transcript production, enrollment verification, and end of term processing are also covered.

Required for all Records specialists and Petitions Evaluator in Office of Admissions and Records.

Records Overview for A&R Staff

This training includes how to view permission numbers, registration appointments, how to update enrollment limits and enrollment, how to view enrollment summaries, term history, student grades, unofficial transcripts and degrees.

This training is required for all Admissions and Records staff and student assistants.

Department Support Staff Processes

This training session provides training for the most common processes performed by department support staff. It includes viewing class rosters, permission numbers, grade rosters (and entering grades for faculty), viewing academic information, service indicators (holds), class schedules, enrollment appointments, grades, student telephone and address information, “to do” lists, transfer credit reports, creating advising transcripts, and degree progress transcripts.

Required for all department support staff.

Advisor Access

This training provides access to place and remove service indicators, detailed career, program and plan stack, run transcripts in batch, run queries, view comments, admissions information, milestones, term history and admissions view.

Required for all college advisors.

Faculty Access

Attendance to this session is not required for faculty. However, this session provides an overview and demo for new users.

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