PeopleSoft Student Administration
Student Financials Training

Viewing Students Accounts and Service Indicators

Training on how to view a student’s account. This training will also show how to place and remove service indicators (holds).

Required for cashiering and collections staff.

Cashiers Training

This training includes: training cashiers on individual tuition calculation on students accounts; showing how to post transactions, remove and add service indicators and view invoice for students and reverse write-offs. Also shows the bio/demo process to create a student number.

Required for all cashiering staff.

Viewing Students Accounts

This training shows how to look up a student's account.

Required for all department support staff.

Collections Process

This training will provide training for the collection process, adding and removing service indicators, viewing student accounts.

Required for all collectors.


This training will show how to process individual refunds and batch refunds and also corporative refunds.

Required for all staff that process refunds.


This training will show setting up waivers and placing waivers on students for fees to be paid.

Required for all staff that places waivers on students' accounts for fees.


This training will focus on training to view the accounting lines for Students and Corporative. View item types and GL information.

Required for all Accounting staff.

Collections Administration

This training session will trains on all collection pages including setup and processes, reports and queries.

Required for all collections administrators.