PeopleSoft Student Administration Financial Aid User Accounts

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User access to the PeopleSoft applications is limited to members of the CSUDH faculty and staff who require access in order to perform their work.

If you would like to request new user access, change your current access, or cancel access to the Financial Aid module of the Student Administration (SA) application, please follow the instructions below to request that access.

Note: Training is required before access to any of the SA modules is granted.

  1. Access the Request for PeopleSoft Student Administration Financial Aid User ID [PDF] (498 KB).
  2. Complete the User Information section (top of page 1):
    • Username field - Enter your CSUDH username, with which you log into the network and Exchange/Outlook. PeopleSoft permissions* will be added to your existing CSUDH account, so that you don't have different login information for different modules. If you do not have a CSUDH username, leave the field blank.
    • Primary Department (Dept) ID field - If you already know your Primary Dept ID, enter it in this field. If you don’t, leave the field blank.
  3. Requesting access to specific modules of the system must go hand in hand with being trained on those specific modules. Therefore, the signatures obtained must be able to authorize your access to those specific modules that are selected [by PeopleSoft trainers] on page 2.
  4. Print the completed form.
  5. Sign the agreement on page 1 next to User Signature to acknowledge that you’ve read and understand the appropriate uses for and responsibilities associated with PeopleSoft Student Administration Financial Aid user access.
  6. Complete the Authorization section on page 1:
    • Route the form to your immediate supervisor for signature approval.
    • Route the form to your division administrator (vice president or designee or the Chief Information Officer) for authorized signature(s).
    • Take the form with you to your training session for additional signatures. (Or you may be given this form at a training session in the first place.)
  7. Leave the bottom section of the form blank. This will be filled in by AIS staff and signed by the Vice President for Administration & Finance.
  8. Send the completed form to Administrative Information Systems, WH 380, for processing.
  9. When your access has been enabled, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions for accessing the FA module of the PeopleSoft SA application.

Note: If you have received training for other SA modules, each will require a separate Request for PeopleSoft Student Administration User ID form. Improperly authorized forms will be returned for correction.

*Permissions are authorizations that are assigned to roles. Roles are assigned to user profiles based on their job duties and responsibilities. A user's profile may be assigned multiple roles if they are responsible for data entry in more than one area of the system or if they require query access to other areas in the system. Some roles will allow the user to modify (maintain) components of the system, and some will only allow the user to query (view) components in the system.