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Below you'll find resources to support the use of Blackboard. Blackboard has many flexible features that enhance teaching and learning online, face to face or using a hybrid model. If you would like additional information about a specific topic listed below please contact Reza Boroon, 310-243-2524 or email, We provide individualized consultations and departmental workshops upon request. We look forward to helping you succeed with technology.

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Personalize My Blackboard

  1. Course-to-Course Navigation [PDF]
  2. Course-to-Course Navigation [Video]
  3. Creating a Tool Link [Video]
  4. Copy Course [PDF]
  5. Make Your Course Available/Unavailable [PDF]
  6. Your Course Environment [Video]
  7. Adding a Banner to your Course Entry point [Video]
  8. Adding an Avatar to personalize Your Course Environment [Video]
  9. Turning Tool Availability On and Off [Video]
  10. Making Tools Available to Students [Video]
  11. Permitting and Restricting Guest and Observer Access [Video]

Content: Assignments, Files, Learning Units and more

  1. Uploading multiple files [PDF]
  2. Creating Learning Modules [PDF]
  3. Building a Learning Module [Video]
  4. Adding Folders [PDF]
  5. Creating a Blank Page [VIdeo]
  6. Adding a URL (external link) [Video]
  7. Getting Started with Assignments [PDF]
  8. Getting Started with Course Content [PDF]
  9. Using the Text Editor [Video]
  10. Creating a Lesson Plan [Video]
  11. Adding Textbook Information to Your Course [Video]
  12. Creating a Mashup [Video]
  13. Attaching Course Files to a Content Item [Video]
  14. Tour the Course Files Feature [Video]
  15. Adding Your Own Web Content Through Course Files [Video]
  16. Creating multiple Rules to Release a Content Item [Video]

Tools: Announcements, Email, Wikis, Discussion and more

  1. Creating Announcements [PDF]
  2. Course Reports [Video]
  3. Performance Dashboard [Video]
  4. Sending Notifications [Video]
  5. Viewing your course roster [PDF]
  6. Sending Email [Video]
  7. Using the Discussion Board [PDF]
  8. Grading a Discussion Board Forum [Video]
  9. Grading a Discussion Board Thread [Video]
  10. Creating a Private Journal [MS Power Point]
  11. Using Wikis [PDF]
  12. Using Wikis in Bb 9.1 *tutorial created by Xavier University* [PDF]
  13. Getting Started With Groups [PDF]
  14. Creating a Group [Video]
  15. Creating Group Sets [Video]

Assessments and GradeCenter: Creating Exams, Using GradeCenter and more

  1. Exploring the Grade Center [PDF]
  2. Customizing the Grade Center View [Video]
  3. Adding Grade Columns [PDF]
  4. Changing Grades [PDF]
  5. Awarding Negative Points for Incorrect Answers to Test Questions [Video]
  6. Getting Started with Automatic Regrading [PDF]
  7. Automatic Regrading [Video]
  8. Getting Started with the Needs Grading Page [PDF]
  9. Viewing Grade Details [Video]
  10. Creating a Grade Center Report [Video]
  11. Creating a Grading Rubric [Video]
  12. Viewing and Downloading Grade History [Video]
  13. Uploading/Downloading the Grade Center [PDF]
  14. Working Offline with the Grade Center [Video]
  15. Color Code the Grade Center [Video]
  16. Working with Weighted Grades [PDF]
  17. Reading Survey Submissions [Video]
  18. Sharing Grade Center with Students [PDF]
  19. Creating Assessments [PDF]
  20. Uploading Respondus Tests to MyGateway [PDF]
  21. Dropping the Lowest Grade *tutorial created by Towson University* [PDF]

Featured Content

My Blackboard Profile [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Edit your profile
  2. Share your profile
  3. View other profiles

Video Everywhere [PDF]

Learning goals:

  1. Record video everywhere from the content editor
  2. Setting up your account to record video

Global Navigation and My Blackboard [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Access global navigation
  2. Navigate the user menu
  3. Navigate My Blackboard

Working in the Course Environment

The New Theme [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. View streamlined interface
  2. See new tool available in theme
  3. Recognize familiar functions

Course to Course Navigation [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Navigate between courses
  2. Understand task-based navigation

Your Course Environment [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Edit mode
  2. Course menu
  3. Home page

Building Course Content

Getting Started with Creating Accessible Course Content [PDF]

Learning goals:

  1. Learning and cognition
  2. Culture and customs
  3. Sensory and Physical
  4. Neurological and Psychological
  5. Language and Technology

Getting Started with Course Content [PDF]

Learning goals:

  1. Build content
  2. Create assessment
  3. Add interactive tools

Using the Content Editor [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Paste in text and tables
  2. Insert an image
  3. Insert a link
  4. Format text

Comparing the New Content Editor with the Legacy Text Editor [PDF]

Learning goals:

  1. Legacy text editor
  2. New content editor

Attaching Course Files to a Content Item [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Create a new content item
  2. Attach files from Course Files using two different methods
  3. Compare how the attachments look to students

Integrate Web 2.0 Tools into Blackboard [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Web 2.0 tools
  2. Benefits
  3. How to embed

Reporting and Course Utilities

Running and Saving a Course Report [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Describe course report types
  2. Run report
  3. View report
  4. Save report

Blogs and Journals

Getting Started with Journal Prompts to Improve Student Writing [PDF]

Learning goals:

  1. Writing prompts for students
  2. Reading, research, challenges, interview and more

Grade Center

Getting Started with the Grade Center [PDF]

Learning goals:

  1. Accessing the grade center
  2. Action bar

Getting Started with Needs Grading [PDF]

Learning goals:

  1. Grade tests and assignments
  2. Grade blogs, journals, wikis and discussions

Test, Surveys and Pools

Automatic Regrading [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. List triggers for automatic re-grading
  2. Edit test question

Getting Started with Automatic Regrading [PDF]

Learning goals:

  1. Access tests
  2. Delete questions
  3. Edit Questions
  4. Deploy a test

Awarding Negative Points for Incorrect Answers to Test Questions [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Enable negative points in test canvas
  2. Use negative points in test question

Creating a Fill in the Blank Question [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Create a fill in the blank question
  2. List acceptable answers and select evaluation method
  3. Provide feedback

Creating a Fill in Multiple Blanks Question [Video]

Learning goals:

  1. Create a fill in multiple blanks question
  2. List acceptable answers and select evaluation method
  3. Provide feedback


Getting Started with the Assignments Learning goals:

  1. Creating assignments [PDF]
  2. Reviewing and grading assignments and more [Video] - Watch it

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