Lecture Capture from Your Home, Office, or from Your Personal Laptop

You should download and install Camtasia Relay Recorder on your computer in order to publish your presentations on CSUDHTV.

Downloading Camtasia Relay Recorder:

1. Connect to imsrelay.csudh.edu

2. Use your Campus username and password to login the system.

3. Download the recorder which is compatible with your computer.

4. Install the recorder on your computer

Screenshot of imsRelay Main Menu

If you don’t have administrator privileges on your office PC you will need to have an IT technician to install Camtasia Relay Recorder. In this case, please contact CSUDH IT Helpdesk. You can also download the portable recorder if you want to use Camtasia Relay Recorder without installing it on your computer, or if that is a public computer and you don’t have install privileges on that computer. This option doesn’t install PowerPoint add-ins. Therefore, you should start recording through Camtasia Relay Recorder not via PowerPoint.

For PowerPoint recordings:

1. Open PowerPoint.
  After you install Camtasia Relay, it automatically prompts you to record when you start a          PowerPoint slide show. You can change this and other default settings in the recording options.

2. Start a slide show.
  A prompt asks if you want to record.

Screenshot of Camtasia Relay Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint

3. Verify the audio selection and level.

4. Click Record Slide Show.

5. Give your presentation as normal.
    When you finish the slide show, you can end the recording or continue recording.

6. When prompted, click Stop Recording to end the presentation.
    The presentation is shown in the Camtasia Relay Review dialog box.

7. Use your Campus username and password to login.

Screenshot of Camtasia Relay Login Window

8. Select CSUDHTV profile. Write a description about the presentation (optional)

Screenshot of Presentation Details Window
You can review and trim the presentation if you would like to.

9. When it is ready for publishing submit your presentation for processing.

10. Wait for the e-mail with the presentation link.

Camtasia Relay Recorder keeps uploading your presentation file in the background. If you like, you can follow-up this process through imsrelay.csudh.edu (the link at the bottom of the Camtasia Relay Recorder).

To capture the screen:

If you would like to capture the screen rather than recording a PowerPoint presentation:

1. Run Camtasia Relay recorder.

Screenshot of Recording Preview Window

2. Login to the system.

3. Select CSUDHTV from the profile and fill out the presentation details.

4. Verify the audio selection and level.

5. Click “rec” button when you are ready to record the screen.

6. When you want to stop recording click the stop button of the recording dialog window.

Screenshot of Recording Window
You can review and trim the presentation if you would like to.

7. When it is ready for publishing submit your presentation for processing.

8. An e-mail will be sent to you when the presentation is ready for publishing.