Lecture Capture via Blackboard Collaborate

Step 1: Preparing BB Collaborate Session

  1. Login to your Blackboard and open the course where you want to create the recording.
  2. Click Course Tools on Control Panel, and then click Blackboard Collaborate.
  3. Click Create Session link.
  4. Enter a session title.
  5. Schedule the recording time by modifying start and end date-time fields, then click Submit.

Other areas are optional, see Blackboard Collaborate Tutorials for more information.

If you want, you can create a link in your content area to provide your students with easy access to the session. To do this;

  • Click the chevron symbol next to your session title.
  • Click Add Content Item.
  • Check the content area where you publish your session
  • Click Submit.

Step 2: Starting BB Collaborate Session

  1. Click the session title that you have created on Step 1. Your browser will download a file named join.jnpl.
  2. Run join.jnpl to enter the session.
    Blackboard Collaborate application starts in several seconds.
  3. A notification window will allow you to record the session.
    If you are not ready for recording, you can close this window and start recording through Tools > Recorder > Record, or click the Recording button at the top-right.
  4. In the end of the session, click recording button at the top-right to stop recording.

You can end the session by closing the application.

Step 3: Publishing BB Collaborate Session

This is an optional step. Actually, your students could watch the recording through Tools > Blackboard Collaborate > Recordings on their view.

  1. Click Course tools then Blackboard Collaborate on Control Panel.
  2. Click Recordings tab.
  3. Click the chevron symbol next to the recording name that you want to publish and click the Add Content Item.
    If you have already created a content link for this recording’s actual session, it is recommended to update the session title to indicate that it is a recording. For instance, you can add Recording in the end of the actual name.
  4. Check the content area where you want to publish your recording.
    The other areas are optional. If you like you can fill out the Description, Comment areas and apply date restrictions.
  5. Click Submit