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The Division of Academic Affairs and the Division of information Technology are pleased to announce new services available for faculty through XSEDE. The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is the most advanced, powerful, and robust collection of integrated advanced digital resources and services in the world. It is a single virtual system that scientists can use to interactively share computing resources, data, and expertise.

XSEDE  provides the expertise to ensure that researchers can make the most of the supercomputers and tools, which include:

  • Extended Collaborative Support that includes teaming with individual research groups or with research communities to extend their capabilities.
  • An advanced hardware and software architecture rooted in user requirements and hardened by systems engineering that allows for individualized user experiences, consistent and enduring software interfaces, improved data management, and ways for campus resources to be transparently integrated into the overall XSEDE infrastructure.
  • Coordinated allocations of NSF's high-end resources and digital services.
  • A powerful and extensible network in which each XSEDE service provider is connected to a Chicago-based hub at 10 gigabits per second and has a second 10 gigabit per second connection to another national research and education network.
  • Advanced cybersecurity to ensure that XSEDE resources and services are easily accessible to users but protected against attack.
  • Training, Education, and Outreach that expand participation in XSEDE-based projects, curriculum development, and more traditional training opportunities.
  • The Technology Insertion Service, which allows researchers to recommend technologies for inclusion in the XSEDE infrastucture and enables the XSEDE team to evaluate those technologies and incorporate them where appropriate.

There will be a workshop at CSU San Bernardino  on April 3rd and 4th, please see attached flyer for more information. For more information on XSEDE please visit -

Introduction of XSEDE

Power Up Your Research and Teaching
California State University Spring Workshop

Join us on April 3rd – 4th for a free two-day in-person regional XSEDE workshop hosted by California State University at San Bernardino. Open to all faculty, researchers, and students in all disciplines interested in learning how to incorporate analytics, modeling and simulation, advanced data analysis and visualization, and high performance computing into their teaching and research. The workshop will provide an overview of computational, data analysis, visualization, and data storage resources available at ASU Advanced Computing Center and XSEDE. There will be hands-on training sessions on topics such as parallel programming, scientific visualization, and simulation and modeling tools for the classroom.

Do you want to -

  • use large scale computational, data analysis and visualization resources
  • incorporate analytics, modeling and simulation into your classes
  • develop your students' computational literacy
  • Learn –

How to Access XSEDE and ASU Advanced Computing Center Resources
Computational Thinking and Adding Computational Science to Curriculum
Image Analytics   - Social Network Analysis - Text Mining - Video Analysis
Scientific Visualization - Parallel Computing with MPI and OpenMP
CUDA™ - Intel XEON Phi -   OpenACC GPU Programming - PETSc

XSEDE is a virtual organization that provides a dynamic distributed infrastructure, support services, and technical expertise that enable researchers, engineers, and scholars to address the most important and challenging problems facing the nation and world. XSEDE supports a growing collection of advanced computing, high-end visualization, data analysis, and other resources and services. XSEDE is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Register at by March 14th. If you do not have an XSEDE User Account, you will be asked to create one before registering. Upon registering, a link for a brief pre-event survey will be sent to you. Completing the survey will help us shape the agenda to meet your interests and needs.

This workshop is in Southern California. A fall workshop will be held in Northern California.  Please click here to view the Introduction of XSEDE Flyer! [PDF]

Questions about the workshop can be sent to CSUSB.
Cesar Caballero
(909) 537-3443