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Information Technology Governance Structure

Advisory Committee on Academic Technology (ACAT)

Advises the VPA&F and AVPIT on strategy, policy, tactics, and implementation of instructional and scholarly technologies that impact the CSUDH Academic Affairs Division.

Administrative Systems Committee (ASC)

Advises the VPA&F and AVPIT on the application of technology to support CSUDH’s administrative, management and student services processes, analysis and reporting.

Technology Infrastructure & Services Committee (TISC)

Advises the VPA&F and AVPIT on decisions impacting the university’s technology infrastructure, information security, and desktop standards and support services.

  • Desktop Services Committee (DSC)
    DSC is an ad-hoc working group reporting to the Technology Infrastructure and Services Committee and convened by IT department management to address specific desktop computing operational needs. DSC provides a forum for discussing technology issues, sharing and recommending technology best practices, and communicating plans for changing IT services related to desktop computing.

ATI Steering Committee (ATI)
The ATI Steering Committee will advise the VPA&F and the AVPIT on methods and means related to ensuring the accessibility of information technology and resources as a process for continuous improvement that will require a multi-year phased approach.

Web Committee (WAM)
The WAM Steering Committee is an ad hoc group tasked with reviewing web policy and ensuring compliance of official university online material.