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Health Screening and Insurance

Health Screening

All new students are required to present proof of measles, rubella and Hepatitis B immunizations prior to enrollment. Proof of immunizations must be taken to the Health Center in person. Be sure your medical doctor or health care provider includes the day, month, and year of your immunizations. If this information is provided in a language other than English, then translation is needed. The Health Center can provide measles/rubella and Hepatitis B immunizations without cost to those students unable to obtain acceptable proof of immunizations.

Health Insurance

Contrary to what is true in most foreign countries, there are no free medical facilities in the United States. HEALTH CARE IS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!

  • Health insurance protects you from having to pay, by yourself, large medical bills that can arise even from simple medical procedures.
  • We advise you to take care of any current medical or dental problems before leaving your own country.
  • All F-1 visa students are required to carry comprehensive medical insurance in the minimum amount of $250,000 for each accident or illness. Your CSUDH policy will include coverage for repatriation and medical evacuation to your home country (unlike residential policies).
  • For your benefit, safety, and convenience, the university has made arrangements for students to purchase a reasonable but comprehensive health insurance package.
  • Insurance for any dependents that come with you is available also. However, it is limited, and so we encourage you to purchase insurance for your dependents from your own country.
  • The cost of the insurance is $1,050 per year (12 months). You may not complete registration without proof of a CSUDH medical insurance policy (your insurance card). If you fail to maintain your health insurance while attending the university you will be out-of-status and not eligible for a work permit or travel validation to return to the U.S.
  • Go to CSU Healthlink for enrollment and payment information.