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Student Enrollment by Ethnicity

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Student Enrollment Ethnic Distributions

Ethnicity CampuswidePDFXLS
Ethnicity by DivisionPDFXLS
Ethnicity by Sex by ClassPDFXLS
Ethnicity by CollegePDFXLS
Undergraduate Ethnic Distributions GraphPDFXLS
Undergraduate Ethnic Distributions TrendPDFXLS
Post-Baccalaureate Ethnic Distributions GraphPDFXLS
Post-Baccalaureate Ethnic Distributions TrendPDFXLS

Major by Ethnicity

College of Arts & HumanitiesPDFXLS
College of Business Administration & Public PolicyPDFXLS
College of EducationPDFXLS
College of Extended & International EducationPDFXLS
College of Health, Human Services & NursingPDFXLS
College of Natural & Behavioral SciencesPDFXLS
University - OtherPDFXLS