Sergio C. Garcia, JD

Sergio GarciaSergio Covarrubias Garcia was born on March 1, 1977, to Salvador Covarrubias and Albertina Garcia in the State of Michoacán, Mexico. Sergio is the second oldest of six siblings; he has two wonderful brothers and three beautiful sisters.

At the young age of 17 months he was brought to the United States by his parents who came in search of a better life, in search of the American Dream. After about 8 years here his family decided to move back to Mexico. By that time Sergio was about 9 years old and had forgotten how to speak Spanish. Ironically, up to that point Sergio had never liked school. However, once he returned to Mexico something happened to him and he not only started liking school, but he in fact became enamored with education. At his young age of 10 years old Sergio had a dream; it was at that time that he decided to become an attorney. He did not know how or when since he was extremely poor, but he knew one day he would make his dream come true. Unbeknownst to him at that time, this dream would consume over twenty years of his life, but he would make his dream come true.

Since falling in love with school Sergio has worked extremely hard to make his dream come true. He has always done his best to achieve his objectives. His school background is nothing short of impressive; Sergio is a remarkable young man who has gone above and beyond in order to successfully complete his tasks. He has overcome each and every obstacle and challenge that he has encountered. He has never given up; he has always managed to get very high grades in school and ultimately succeed in anything he does.

In Mexico Sergio was involved in academic contests, he was involved in politics, and he was his school's president. At the young age of fifteen Sergio was well known and well respected by his peers and teachers. Everyone who ever met him was impressed with his hard work, good conduct and dedication. Sergio graduated from the equivalent to junior high with the highest honors and the highest grades.

Soon after, his life took an unexpected turn. His father decided to bring Sergio and all of his family back to the United States, a decision that Sergio did not like. Coming to the U.S. meant starting all over again. Even though he had accomplished so much in Mexico Sergio would never dare defy his father’s wishes. He had been raised to be respectful to everyone, but especially to his parents. Even though starting over was not easy, he overcame this obstacle successfully. He never gave up; he worked hard and never lost sight of his dream.

Once back in the United States, Sergio went to Durham High School and graduated from there with several awards in spite of no longer speaking English. At that point, Sergio had captured the attention of prestigious institutions such as Stanford, Berkeley, UC Davis and others. Sadly, he was forced to say no to offers from these institutions to join their ranks because there was an obstacle that kept him from accepting. Sergio was still in the process of adjusting his status and therefore did not qualify for the scholarships these institutions had offered. Instead, he continued his education in a community college, Butte College. It was there that he obtained several degrees including an AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences and an AS in Business Administration. After Butte College, Sergio transferred to Chico State University where he successfully completed the Paralegal Certificate Program in 2005.

Even though he always wanted to attend McGeorge School of Law Sergio realized that in order to fulfill his dream of becoming an attorney all he had to do was pass the bar, not necessarily go to the best schools. His mother had always told him that a person who truly wants to learn can do it under a tree and therefore he opted for attending Cal Northern School of Law, an evening school. This was more practical since it was more affordable and it allowed him to continue working full time during the day while attending school in the evening. Sergio applied and was accepted to law school; at that point he knew he was one step closer to his dream.

The next four years were not easy, but he continued pushing himself, always doing his best. Sergio successfully completed law school on May 9, 2009. He graduated from law school with a Juris Doctorate, which he dedicated to his mother. Now, one step closer to his dream he prepared for the real test, the California Bar Exam. Sergio studied hard day and night disappearing for months to focus on the task at hand. The month of July came, and Sergio finally resurfaced well prepared and ready to meet the challenge ahead. He knew there were going to be three days of intense testing, but Sergio was well prepared.

On November 21, 2009 the results came in. Sergio had successfully passed the California Bar Exam on his first attempt. This certainly did not come as a surprise to those of us close enough to him to know the caliber of student he is. After a short celebration and well-earned rest, Sergio returned his focus to finalizing his dream. It was at this time that life would deal him perhaps the hardest blow, up to that point.

After an extended and grueling investigation Sergio's professional life was placed in limbo due to his lack of immigration status. However, Sergio was not about to give up on the dream he had worked so hard to realize so he decided to fight. This would have destroyed a lesser man and it was apparent that Sergio was deeply wounded by having his world shattered, but instead of giving up Sergio took a couple of days to contemplate his next step. He knew he was going to fight, but he needed to keep his focus and not allow bitterness to consume him, he had to exercise caution and implement a strategy with laser precision.

The fight of his life had begun, Sergio had managed to single handedly start something with history changing potential. “Landmark case, first time in the nation” read the papers. Sergio’s life all of a sudden had become larger than himself, larger than his own dream, but fortunately he was smart enough and composed enough to see it that way. He knew this was no longer about him, it was no longer just his life and his career, his actions and choices would have greater consequences and affect more people than just him therefore he would tread carefully.

This was a hard hit, but not hard enough to knock him down. It was obvious to all of us who know and love Sergio that he was facing a defining moment in his life and all we could do was trust that he still had enough strength left in him to deal with his dilemma appropriately. He had two choices, he could have gone on the attack and attempt to harm those who had tried to harm him or he could win them over, luckily for everyone he had the strength and wisdom to do the latter instead of the former. Instead of lashing out against the world, Sergio owned his reality and simply asked, what can I do to help you help me?

His honest and humble approach shocked those who feared retaliation and this stroke of genius managed to win over those who had tried so hard to prevent him from reaching his dream. Now with the California State Bar as his allied Sergio is poised to win a landmark precedent setting case in the California Supreme Court which has decided to hear his case. Sergio is strong, he is a fighter, stubborn, driven and intelligent and those of us who know him have no doubt that he will leave his mark in history as a great leader filled with wisdom beyond his years.

This is the first time in history the California Supreme Court will hear this particular type of case, but it is certainly not the first time Sergio faces such an insurmountable obstacle. Sergio counts with the love and support of many people, young and old not only support him, but they depend on him. Not simply because Sergio is a role model and an inspiration to us all, but because in his destiny rests the destiny of thousands if not millions of us who are sure to follow in the footsteps of this great leader who is making history, opening doors for the rest of us and reminding us that the American Dream is still alive and well if we are just willing to work hard to make it a reality.