Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)/PACE

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Welcome to IDS/PACE and Weekend College!

Let me explain our acronyms.  Our department offers a major in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS).  This is a broad-based, liberal arts and sciences major that focuses on developing exemplary skills in written and oral communication, textual analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving.  An IDS major is great preparation for both the workplace and for entry into graduate or professional schools. For further discussion of the educational philosophy behind Interdisciplinary Studies, please go to “What is IDS?”

PACE stands for Program for Adult College Education. Our students are primarily transfers who enter CSUDH with 60 units and junior-class standing.  Many of them have been in PACE at a community college before transferring to the university. PACE is designed for working, adult students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree—paying affordable state-subsidized fees—in a reasonable period of time while they maintain a full-time job.

Does your schedule require that you attend classes only on the weekends? Do you want to accelerate your degree completion? Weekend College may work for you. If you transfer to CSUDH with at least 60 units and your lower division General Education requirements complete, you can enroll for 14-15 units per semester and finish with a Bachelor’s Degree in IDS in two years or less! More information on Weekend College is available on this website.

Thank you for your interest in IDS/PACE and Weekend College!

See you in class!

Patricia Larson Kalayjian, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair,
IDS/PACE and Weekend College



Fall 2014 IDS/PACE schedule [PDF]

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