Training and Development

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As staff employees are the backbone of the University community, staff training and professional development are priorities for the University Administration. Every attempt is made to provide professional and technical training opportunities for staff employees.

Human Resources Management designs and implements training and development programs. Throughout the year, a variety of workshops, training sessions and motivational programs for staff are made available. Employees are encouraged to participate in workshops that help improve job skills. Personal growth programs are also offered, and employees are encouraged to attend with their supervisor's approval.

Contact: Ben Boish, Classification and Training Manager
(310) 243-3771

Master Training Calendar 2015 [PDF]

Employee Resource Library:

A Practical Approach To Group Training
Active Training
American Red Cross - CPR
An Honesty Day's Work
Assertiveness For Career And Personal Success
Attacking Absenteeism
Balancing Home And Career
Basic Business Math
Be True To Your Future
Beyond Customer Service
Business As Usual
Calming Upset Customers
Coaching And Counseling
Comfort Zones - Practical Guide For Retirement Planning
Confronting AIDS
Continuous Improvements & Measurements Of Quality Management
Creating A Flexible Workplace
Creating And Motivating A Superior Loyal Staff
Customer Satisfaction
Dealing Effectively With The Media
Delegating For Results
Designing Competence-Based Training
Developing Instructional Design
Discipline Without Punishment
Effective Meeting Skills
Effective Presentation Skills
Excellence In Management
Exhibiting At Trade Shows
Fifty, One Minute Tips
Financial Planning With Employee Benefits
From Losers To Winners
Giving And Receiving Criticism
How To Be An Outstanding Receptionist
How To Be The Life Of The Podium
How To Take A Training Audit
How To Write And Prepare Training Materials
How To Write Plain English
Improving Your Company Image
Increasing Employee Productivity
Learning To Lead
Managing Changes In Higher Education
Managing Disagreement Constructively
Managing For Commitment
Managing Quality Customer Service
Managing Upward
Men And Women: Partners At Work
New Work Habits For A Radically Changing World
Office Management
Personal Counseling
Personal Performance
Personnel/Human Resources Program Appraisal Workbook
Preventing Job Burnout
Productivity At The Work Station
Professional Excellence For Secretaries
Project Management
Rate Your Skills As A Manager
Redefining Diversity
Restaurant Server's Guide
Sales Training Basics
Self - Empowerment
Self - Esteem Passport
Self - Managing Teams
Study Skills Strategies
Successful Negotiation
Successful Self - Management
Systematic Problem Solving And Decision Making
Take This Job And Love It
Team Building
The Accounting Cycle
The Art Of Communicating
The Attraction Factor In Executive Success
The Business Of Listening
The New Supervisor
The Stress Of Organizational Change
Think On Your Feet
Training For Impact
Training Managers To Train
Training The Competitive Edge
Using Microsoft Office
Visual Aids In Business
Why Jenny Can't Lead
Why This Horse Won't Drink
Winning At Human Relations
ZAPP - The Lightning Of Empowerment
A Chance to Grow, 1992 Public Sector Film
Aim For Wellness
Assertiveness Training For Professionals 1
Assertiveness Training For Professionals 2
Building Trust
Business Writing Skills 1
Business Writing Skills 2
CALPERS Member Network 1
CALPERS Member Network 2
Cal Trans- Making Ramp Meters Work For You
Campus View
Confident Public Speaking 1
Confident Public Speaking 2
Conflicts!  Conflicts!
Constructive Confrontation
CSUDH Promo Video
Dying To Work
Emergency Preparedness (Earthquake)
Ethnic Notions
Getting Help
Getting Things Done 1
Getting Things Done 2
Guide To Everyday Negotiating
How To Be An Outstanding Receptionist 1
How To Be An Outstanding Receptionist 2
How To Cope With The Smoke Free Workplace
How To Deal With Difficult People 1
How To Deal With Difficult People 2
How To Give Exceptional Customer Service 1
How To Give Exceptional Customer Service 3
How To Listen Powerfully 1
How To Listen Powerfully 2
How To Set And Achieve Goals 1
How To Set And Achieve Goals 2
Landscape Equipment Safety - Push Mowers
Managing The Smoke Free Workplace
Managing Your Stress
Meetings Bloody Meetings With John Cleese
National Relocation Assistance
Office Safety
Personal Empowerment
Phone Power
Practice For Excellence Path To Success
Professional Telephone Skills 1
Professional Telephone Skills 2
Project Management 1
Project Management 2
Quality Customer Service
Speaking Of Success - Achieving Persona Excellence
Speaking Of Success - How To Listen Effectively
Spectrum Of Promise
Standard First Aid
Stress Management For Professionals 1
Stress Management For Professionals 2
Team Building (Revised)
Team Building 1
Team Building 2
Telephone Courtesy And Customer Service
The Art Of Satisfying Students
The Language Of Positive Communication
The Worst Of Times
Welcome Aboard!
Working Safely With Video Display Terminals
Working With Pesticides 1
Working With Pesticides 2
Working With Pesticides 3
Working With Pesticides 4
You Are Not Communicating

Assertiveness For Career And Personal Success
Assertiveness Training
Dealing With Angry Customers
Deep Relaxation
How To Achieve Excellence In Customer Services
How To Boost Productivity
How To Get The Results You Want In Meetings
How To Manage A Cultural Diverse Workforce
Making Meetings Work
Overcoming Tyranny To Time
Practical Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills
Solving Customer Complaints and Problems
Speak To Win
Success Essentials
Success Series
The Career Track Collection
The Psychology of Winning
What You Are Is Where You Were When…But Not Where You Want To Be

NetCD Discs
Engaging And Effective E-Learning