Staff Listing

Deborah Roberson-Simms, ext. 3771
Interim Associate Vice President & Title IX Coordinator, Human Resources
WH A-340E

Gilbert Hernandez, ext. 3270
Assistant to the AVP/Department Coordinator, Human Resources
WH A-340

Tina Leung, ext. 2488
Employment Manager
WH A-340C

Adria Edwards, ext. 2408
HRIS/SME Analyst
WH A-340

Julio Arevalo, ext. 3093
Recruitment Specialist
WH A-340

Ben Boish, ext. 3694
Manager, Compensation & Training
WH A-340D

Grace Troupson, ext. 1056
HR Analyst
WH A-340

Efrain Carlin, ext. 3859
Human Resources Support Specialist
WH A-340

Donelle George, ext. 3005
Benefits Manager
WH A-340A

Sonya Winfield, ext. 3293
Benefits Assistant
WH A-340


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