Salary and Benefits

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Our benefits make up a substantial part of the compensation we receive from CSUDH.  The benefits to which we are entitled are summarized below.  This summary is only for purposes of illustration and does not purport to represent the rights or liabilities of the parties pursuant to the underlying policies, contract or law.

Current Salary Schedule

Health, Dental, Vision & Life Insurance:
CSU Benefits Portal
How much are your benefits really worth?
Benefits Summary Sheet [PDF]
MPP Management Benefits Summary Sheet [PDF]
Health Rates [PDF]
Medical Plan Comparison Chart [PDF]
Dental Plan Comparison Chart [PDF]
Dental Plans [PDF]
DeltaCare USA (HMO) Dental Directory [PDF]
Vision Benefits [PDF]
Vision Plan Brochure [PDF]
Vision Plan - VSP Directory [PDF]
Life Insurance [PDF]
Long-Term Disability Insurance - MPP, Faculty (Unit 3) & Confidential Employees Only [PDF]
Tax Advantage Premium Plan (TAPP) [PDF]
FlexCash Plan [PDF]
MEDEX Travel Assist Information [PDF]
MEDEX Brochure and Wallet Card [PDF]

Benefits Information Worksheet [PDF]
Dental Plan Enrollment Authorization [PDF]
VSP Out-of-Network Reimbursement Form [PDF]
VSP Video Display Terminal Confirmation Form [PDF]
Catastrophic Leave Donation Form [PDF]
Verification of Eligibility for Catastrophic Leave Donation Program [PDF]
FlexCash Enrollment Authorization [PDF]

Retirement Benefits:
Planning Your Retirement - Checklist [PDF]
Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) - Checklist [PDF]
Important Information Regarding the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) [PDF]
Public Employee Retirement System - Info [PDF]

Leaves of Absence:
Leave Programs Summary [PDF]
Bereavement/Funeral Leave [PDF]
Family Medical Leave (FMLA) Notice and Acknowledgement Form [PDF]
Paid Maternity/ Paternity/Adoption Leave [PDF]
Leave of Absence Management Form [PDF]
Un-Paid Leave of Absence Request Form [PDF]
Catastrophic Leave Donation Program [PDF]

TSA 403(b), Thrift Plan 401(k) & 457 Deferred Compensation Plans:
403(b) Program Information [PDF]
403(b) Eligibility and Contribution Limits 2014 [PDF]
Plan Comparison Chart [PDF]
403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuity Program [PDF]
403(b) How to Enroll [PDF]
TIAA Cref Consultation Schedule [PDF]
TSA Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]
Savings Plus Program January 2013 Transition FAQs [PDF]

Other Voluntary Benefits:
Available Voluntary Benefits [PDF]
California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance
California Casualty Quick Info Sheet [PDF]
Community Action Employee Assistance Program (CAEAP) [PDF]
CAEAP Info Guide [PDF]
CAEAP Spring 2013 Newsletter [PDF]