Events and Posting


Housing Events Committee

In an effort to build Toro Pride, community, and campus involvement, University Housing provides opportunities for events and event postings.  University Housing also offers collaborative opportunities with our Resident Assistants & Residents Student Association.  

For application to host an event, collaboration, table at University Housing, or permission to post, please fill out the Facility Usage Form found at the link below. Submission are request at a minimum of two weeks in advance.

 Facilities Usage Form

Posting Policies:

Organizations currently recognized by or registered with the University, campus committees and commissions, individual students, faculty and staff are allowed to publicize on campus.
For Club, Org and Greek on-campus events, at least one poster must have the Office of Student Life Stamp to show proof of campus approval.


Materials to be distributed or posted must list all the sponsoring organizations.

Identification of Publicity

All materials to be distributed or posted must be identified with name and phone number of the person or organization responsible. Email addresses are allowed in lieu of phone numbers for contact purposes.


All materials to be distributed or posted on campus written in any language other than English must contain an English translation. Hate language is not tolerated.

Handbills/ Circulars/ Quarter Sheets / postcards

Solicitation is not allowed in University Housing. This means the distribution of handbills, circulars, Quarter Sheets and Postcards are approved only for distribution during approved event and tabling. Other distribution must be cleared and approved by Res. Life.  

      Other Approved Distribution:
       Paper advertisements are can be provided for distribution to Res Life-

  • Resident Assistant Mail Boxes (x 16)
  • Quarter Sheet Flier Stands (x50)

Electronic Advertising

University Housing has two digital screens, in both phases, for advertisement use. Digital advertisements must be submitted in landscape layout, in JPG format, with at most pixel dimension of 3400 x 5200. Digital Advertisement submission can be made using the Facility Usage Form.

E-mail & Social Media advertisement to our residents require approval from Res. Life.

For any questions regarding programming, posting and policies, please contact Assistant Complex Coordinator Paola Carbajal Kerr at