Jack Kilfoil Memorial Scholarship in History



Jack Kilfoil Memorial Scholarship in History, 2014-2015

The Jack Kilfoil Memorial Scholarship in History was created by the family and friends of a pioneer member of the History Department at CSUDH. Dr. Kilfoil came to Dominguez Hills in 1968 and devoted virtually his entire teaching and professional career to his students and the development of programs in his areas of interest and expertise. He was dedicated to excellence in undergraduate education and prepared his students for graduate work and careers in history. He was especially interested in the history of the American West, economic and business history, local and community history, and archival work. His students were actively involved in research; they published inventories of local government archives and participated in professional conferences.

AMOUNT OF AWARD: A total of $1000 is available for the 2014-2015 competition. The number of scholarships awarded will be determined by the Selection Committee, but we typically select a winner and one or two runners-up. The committee reserves the right to pick no winner.

ELIGIBILITY: Current students -- All students currently enrolled as history majors at CSUDH are eligible to apply. New students -- Community college and high school students who certify that they intend to declare themselves as history majors upon entering CSUDH are also eligible to apply. Students who received a Jack Kilfoil Memorial Scholarship before are ineligible.

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION OF AWARDEES: Applicants will be evaluated by the Selection Committee on the basis of academic achievement and goals, judged by application materials.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICANTS: All application materials must be typed. Applications must include:

  1. CSUDH Scholarship Application Form, available at the Financial Aid Office or on-line at: http://www4.csudh.edu/financial-aid/scholarships/university-scholarships/index#Kilfoil. (Note: Disregard the dates when completing this university-wide form; they do not apply to our particular scholarship.)
  2. Names and contact information of two references (professors or high-school teachers) who have knowledge of the applicant’s academic potential. Include full name, title, place of work, address, phone number and e-mail address for each reference. (Note: no letters are required)
  3. Sample of the applicant’s historical writing, e.g., a research paper or analytical essay from a history course.
  4. Set of transcripts of college work (non-official transcripts accepted).
  5. Statement (one-page, double-spaced) on the applicant’s career aspirations and how history fits in to them.

Submit all materials to Dr. Jim Jeffers, Jack Kilfoil Memorial Scholarship Selection Committee, History Department, LaCorte Hall A-342. Applications may also be mailed to: Dr. Jim Jeffers, JKMS Selection Committee, History Department, CSUDH, 1000 E. Victoria St., Carson, CA 90747.

DEADLINE: Completed applications must be received by Thursday, March 26, 2015.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF AWARDS: JKMS awards will be announced at the History Awards Night on Monday, April 20, 2015 between 6:00pm and 8:00pm!


2014-2015 Jack Kilfoil Memorial Scholarship Winners


1st place: Thomas Medina
2nd place: Christian Hull
3rd place:
Roxana Rodriguez

2014-15 Kilfoil Winners


Past Jack Kilfoil Memorial Scholarship Winners


Awardees for 2013-2014
1st place: Lori May
2nd place: Jessica Patton
3rd place: Oscar Sanchez Hernandez
Honorable Mention: Scott Aquiles

2013-14 Kilfoil Winners

Awardees for 2012-2013
1st place: Brian J. Crandall
2nd place: Robin Hunt
3rd place: Jason Michael Moore
4th place: Sergio Hernandez

2013 Kilfoil Winners

Awardees for 2011-2012
1st place: Francis Cook
2nd place: Lucas Arthur Hines
3rd place: Jonathan Neeper

Awardees for 2010-2011
1st place: Gloria Lopez
2nd place: Christopher Daley
3rd place: Michael Chartrand
4th place: Nancy Buenrostro

Awardees for 2009-2010
1st place (tie): Holly Ownby for “The Directorate and Democracy in the French Revolution," and Brenda Ruiz for “Watergate: The Presidency of Richard Milhouse Nixon”
2nd place: Mayra Avila, for “Mujeres en Mexico: The Bracero Program and La Nornia”

Awardees for 2008-2009
1st place: Jennifer Hellman
2nd place: Lanny Ross II
3rd place: Natasha Jean
Honorable Mentions: Mayra Avila and Varian Exley

Awardees for 2006-2007
1st place: Douglas G. van der Weyde
2nd place: Tina M. Nottingham
3rd place: Carlos E. Galeana
4th place (tie): Synthia A. Acuna and Oscar A. Reyes