History Education Option/ Single Subject Prep Program

Welcome to the History/Social Science Single Subject Matter Preparation Program webpage. Be sure to download the advising worksheet and Student Guide below to have full information about the program.


Below is the list of required courses. Download PDF files of the 20-page Student Guide (which includes the list of courses you need to take, also at the bottom of this screen) and the 2-page Portfolio Assessment Rubric below to find out all about the new program.

History/Social Science SSMPP Advisor

Professor Christopher Monty is the advisor for the History/Social Science Single Subject Matter Program. If you have questions about the program or need advising, contact him directly by telephone or email address: 310.243.3469 or cmonty@csudh.edu. For Dr. Monty's current office hours please check our Faculty Page

Dear History Education Option Majors

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing recently revised the Standards Common to All for Single Subject Matter Prep Programs. Students are no longer required to complete early fieldwork observation prior to entering California teaching credential programs.

The advising form lists University 300 as an optional course for the Education Option. Students no longer need to complete fieldwork observation. If you have already completed the LIVE SCAN requirements and TB test, save these forms since you will need them when you enter a teaching credential program. They do not expire for 5 years.

Students may still consider taking UNV300 in order to have in-class experience to verify if teaching is the right career path. Additionally, the CSUDH Teacher Credential program does count some of these observation hours towards requirements in their program. I am currently verifying how many hours of fieldwork will be counted. If you have further questions please contact Teri Abbott (tabbott@csudh.edu). Teri Abbot is the person to contact directly regarding enrolling in UNV 300 for students who choose to do so. LIVE SCAN and TB tests must be completed before the Spring semester, and Teri has all of the information for completing these requirements

History Major - Education Option

History/Social Science Single Subject Matter Credential Preparation Program

If you're interested in teaching History and Social Science in middle school, junior high school, or senior high school, this program is designed for you. It prepares you to enter directly from your B.A. into a post-graduate credential program leading to a single subject matter authorization in History/Social Science. You'll take a number of History courses (equivalent to the standard major in history at CSUDH), as well as courses in geography, political science, economics, and philosophy. The program satisfies the requirements set by the California State Commission on Teacher Credentialing for demonstrating substantive preparation in the subject matter field of social science.

History Education Option Student Teacher Cosgrove

You enter this program by signing up for the B.A. in History - Education Option. Print out and follow the History Major-Education Option advising worksheet. See the list of required courses at the bottom of this page. The 75 units includes a number of lower-division courses, so if you are transferring from a community college you may have already completed some of these courses. Meet with the History/Social Science SSMPP Advisor (bring copies of your community college transcripts) during your first semester at CSUDH to check this out. Note that no lower-division course may be substituted for any upper-division course--no exceptions.

Completion of an approved subject matter preparation program or passing comprehensive examinations in the subject matter field (the CSET test) fulfills one part of the requirements leading to the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science.

CSUDH 2042 Preliminary History-Social Science Subject Matter Program

The new program is in response to changing requirements by the State of California. It requires only 5 units more than did the pre-June 2007 program (75 versus 70). The changes are otherwise significant. The new program features a big increase in History units and the elimination of units in Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology. In many cases it allows fewer options for satisfying various requirements. No lower-division course may be substituted for any upper-division course. This prohibition is absolute.

PortfolioCourse ChecklistInstructorTransfer/
 HIS 101 History Of United States  
 HIS 120 World History I  
 HIS 121 World History II  
 HIS 300 Research and Writing Skills  
 HIS 400 Proseminar  
 HIS 305 World History for Teachers  
 UNV 300: Early Field Experience  
 HIS 341 California History  
 HIS 490 Senior Seminar In History  
United States History Requirements (9) Select one from each groupGroup A: The Early Period
  • HIS 330 US Colonial Period
  • HIS 331 US Rev & Constitution Per
Group B: The Nineteenth Century
  • HIS 332 Early National Period
  • HIS 333 US Civil War & Recon
Group C: The 20th Century
  • HIS 334 Emergence of Modern America
  • HIS 335 US War & Depression
  • HIS 336 US Since 1945
Non-Western History Requirements (6) Select one two-course sequence
  • HIS 360- Pre-Colonial Africa
  • HIS 361- African History Colonial-Present
  • HIS 362-Traditional China
  • HIS 363-Modern China
  • HIS 366-Colonial Latin America
  • HIS 367-Modern Latin America
European History Requirement (6). Select one course from each groupGroup A: Ancient to Early Modern
  • HIS 310 The Ancient World
  • HIS 318 Medieval Russia
  • HIS 313 Renaissance to Reformation
Group B: Modern Europe
  • HIS 314 Emergence of Modern Europe
  • HIS 315 Twentieth Century Europe
  • HIS 319 Imperial Russia
 PHIL 383 Comparative Religions  
 ECON 210 Micro  
 ECON 211 Macro  
 GEO 100 Human Geography  
 GEO 350 World Geography  
 POLS 100 World Perspective  
 POLS 101 American Institutions  
Political Science (3) Select one

POLS 354 American Political Thought

POLS 361 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights