Courses and Course Descriptions

PyramidThe current CSUDH catalog is the 2009-2011 edition. Click on this link to see a list of History courses. Departments are required to link to the official online catalog rather than posting their own version of courses. The catalog accurately reflects the requirements of and courses in the History Department.

But take note of the following:

  1. The 45-unit major in this catalog refers to a revision to the History major effective Fall 2009. Students who enrolled at CSUDH prior to Fall 2009 may choose to follow either this new 45-unit major or the old 36-unit major. Those who first enrolled at CSUDH in Fall 2009 MUST follow the new major.
  2. We recently received approval from the State of California to substitute UNV 300 for HIS 306 in the History Major-Education Option. For now we will not be offering HIS 306. Students in the Education Option should instead enroll in UNV 300 (concurrently with HIS 305) in the Spring term. See the Single Subject Preparation page for more information.