1. Contact the Health Science department at (310) 243-3748 or via the College of Health & Human Services web site.
  2. Submit a University Admission Application with a $55.00 (non-refundable) application fee. The application can be submitted at
  • Fall application deadline - April 1
  • Spring application deadline - November 1
  • Summer application deadline - March 1

A $15 late fee will be assessed if the completed Admissions application and ALL transcripts are not received PRIOR to the deadline date. Applications will not be reviewed until ALL transcripts have been submitted.

An official transcript is required from each college or university attended. Send transcripts directly to Admissions and Records, NOT to the Health Science department. Additionally, request a copy to be sent directly to you for your personal portfolio and for use with your advisor when discussing your program. Transcripts should be ordered at least 4 weeks prior to the respective deadline date, and it is strongly suggested that prior schools send all transcripts directly to you so can forward them to CSUDH Admissions and Records office directly. Transcripts are “official” as long as they are not opened. At any time, you may check your application status by calling (310) 243-3645 or via toroWeb at Because the application process takes about six to eight weeks, it is strongly suggested that you check your application status three to four weeks after submission to ensure that your materials are being processed. If you are admitted to the University, you will receive a transcript summary of your General Education courses along with your acceptance letter. Contact the University Advising Center at (310) 243-3538 if you have questions regarding G.E. courses.