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Internal Funding Opportunities

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Grants for My Research (GMR) 2017

GMR‘17 will provide training and support to help faculty develop grant proposals for extramural funding. Applications to this program are open to all full-time instructional faculty who are at the beginning to intermediate stages in their grantsmanship.

GMR‘17 program activities will include:

•       Kick-off workshop: January 17-19, 2017, 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.;

•       Monthly meetings of the program participants, held on Friday mornings (dates TBD);

•       One-on-one consultations with a grant development mentor;

•       Opportunity to attend a local conference to meet with federal agency program officers;

•       Ongoing access to external research mentors, grant reviewers and proposal editors.

Please ensure that you will be available to participate in all sessions prior to applying to the program.

The application period has ended.

If you have further questions please contact: 

  • Dr. Chandra Khan, Faculty Director for Research Development, ckhan@csudh.edu, x 3756.
  • Craig Geber, Senior Coordinator, Research and Sponsored Programs, cgeber@csudh.edu, x 2852. 

Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity (RSCA) Intramural Grant Program 2017-18

The California State University, Dominguez Hills Office of Graduate Studies and Research is pleased to announce the launch of the annual intramural Faculty Research Grant program for the 2017/18 AY (FRG‘17). The FRG‘17 grants will support faculty research, scholarly and creative activities (RSCA) undertaken to yield one or more of the following outcomes: peer-reviewed publications, peer-reviewed conference presentations, juried performances or exhibits, extramural grant proposals, pilot research implementations, substantial contributions to a scholarly monograph/book, and other products or results that contribute to the expansion of knowledge and faculty professional advancement.

Additionally, to encourage mentoring of students who engage in faculty RSCA projects, the FRG‘17 grant application provides an option to request supplemental funding (FRG‘17+S) designated to support student-faculty collaboration, which is expected to result in students’ authorship/co-authorship of scholarly articles, conference presentations, performances, exhibits or other products or outcomes that contribute to the expansion of knowledge and student academic success.

The program guidelines can be found here. The submission period has passed.

2017 Incentive RSCA Grant (FRG'17) Recipients

Corina Benavides Lopez, Chicana and Chicano Studies

Educacion y Resistencia: Transformational Latina/o Parent Educational Engagement

Orie Berezan, Management and Marketing

Network affinity across cultures: The impact of self-construal, ethnic self-identity, and gender on loyalty in the social media digital space

Natasa Christodoulidou, Management and Marketing

Online Travel Reviews, Customer Values, and Hospitality Service Quality: A Data Science Approach Utilizing Content Analysis

Nancy Deng, Information Systems and Operations Management

Social Technology Use and Digital Inclusion: Hearing the Voices of First-Generation Students

David Dixon, Political Science

Veritas Liberabit Vos (the truth will set you free): The Evolutiono of J. Claude Evan's Ethics on Race, Gender and Gender Preference

Ryan Eagle, Communications

Film and Media Scholar-Parents Reflect on the AAP's Guidelines for Children's Media Use

Kirstin Ellsworth, Art and Design

Gil Cuatrecasas: The Rediscovered Artist

Justin Gammage, Africana Studies

The History of Black Studies at California State University, Dominguez Hills

Rod Hay, Earth Science and Geography

1910 Air Meet Documentary

Seariskaw (Shonni) Holmes

Does Hollywood Hate Black Women? A Study of Race, Gender, and Misrepresentation

Kimberly Huth, English

Figures of Pain in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries

Patricia Kalayjian, Interdisciplinary Studies

Creating a Beta Website for the Catharine Maria Sedgwick Online Letters Project

Jian-yu Ke, Information Systems and Operations Management

An Empirical Examination of Bargaining Power on Cash Conversion Cycle

Karina Kim, Communications

An Experiment to Investigate the Impact of Media Customization on Viewers

Megumi Kuwabara, Child Development

Origins of Cross-Cultural Differences in Attention

Lei Lai, Management and Marketing

Workplace Flexibility: A Cross-Cultural Comparison between U.S. and Chinese Workers in Multinational Corporations

Jerry Moore, Anthropology

Scholarly Book - The Andean House: Dynamics of Domestic Space in South America

Susan Needham, Anthropology

Preliminary Ethnographic Fieldwork and Advanced Khmer Language Study In Cambodia, Summer 2017

Sheela Pawar, Philosophy

What Sense Can We Make of Religious Violence?

Nop Ratanasiripong, Nursing

Quality of Life of the Rural Older Adults in Northern Thailand

Sovathana Sokhom, Political Science

Can Self-Esteem and Motivation Training Impact Attitudes About Women in Politics in Cambodia?

Hak Joon Song, Accounting, Finance and Economics

The Impact of Environmental Audits on Environmental and Financial Performance

Jennifer Sumner, Public Administration

The Genealogy of Research, Policy, and Practice Addressing Transgender Populations in the Criminal Justice System

Jane Lee, English

Reimagining Victorian Women: Neo-Victorianism and Gendered Production

Kara Dellacioppa, Sociology

Dark Arts: How Dissent became Terror: Resistance and Counter-subversion, the LAPD and Social Movements


2017 Incentive RSCA Grant (FRG '17+S) Recipients

Adriana Aldana, Social Work

Sociopolitical Framework for Studying Academic Achivement among Young Men of Color

Amlan Chatterjee, Computer Science

Wearable Computing in Harsh Environments

Ximena Cid, Physics

Exploring the Relationship Between Cognitive Abilities and Student Success in Physics

Claudio Egalon, Physics

Side Illuminated Optical Fiber Sensors for Hydroponics

Jessica Federman, Management

Self-Regulatory Prompting and Interruptions

Brian Gregor, Philosophy

Paul Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Religion

Yan-hua Huang, Occupational Therapy

Self-Efficacy and Health-Related Outcomes in Community Stroke Clients

Andrea Johnson, History

The Siberian Seven

Karin Kram, Biology

Characterizing the Role of CytR in Bacterial Evolution

Saili Kulkarni, Special Education

Using Learning Labs to Support Culturally Responsive Preschool Education for Students with Disabilities

Kelin Li, Sociology

Migration Experience, Acculturation Process, and Immigrants’ Health Trajectories in the US: A Longitudinal Study

Terrence McGlynn, Biology

How does urbanization affect biodiversity? Using citizen science in backyards to reveal biological secrets of Los Angeles

Erin Merz, Psychology

Examining the Relationship between Diabetes Knowledge and Fatalistic Attitudes on Type 2 Diabetes Risk Behavior in College Students

Bianca Murillo, History

Market Encounters: Consumer Cultures in Twentieth-Century Ghana

Matt Mutchler, Sociology

PrEP Talk: Exploring the Feasibility and Acceptability of an Intervention to Increase PrEP Uptake among Young Black Gay Men

Hannah Nguyen, Human Services

Examining the Effectiveness of a Culturally- and Linguistically-Tailored Caregiving Curriculum for Vietnamese Caregivers

Fynnwin Prager, Public Administration and Public Policy

The Economic Impacts of Inward Foreign Direct Investment on the South Bay Region

Vivian Price, Interdisciplinary Studies

Documenting Urban Issues Facing Port and Adjacent Communities

Elexia Reyes McGovern, Teacher Education

Teaching Ethnic Studies: Literacies of Self and Communal Agency in the Middle and High School Classroom

Myron Sheu, Information Systems and Operations Management

Integrating IT into Traditional Business Programs at a Minority Serving Institution - An Interdisciplinary Approach to STEM Education

Jennifer Stacy, Liberal Studies

Parent Outreach in Alternative Settings: Developing a Culturally Responsive Parent Education Opportunities in Los Angeles County

Patrick Still, Chemistry

NMR Methods in the Elucidation of Compounds from Plants

Rui Sun, Public Administration

Engaging Citizens in Local Government Budgeting

Bin Tang, Computer Science

Load-Balanced Middlebox Assignment in Policy-Driven Data Centers

Kimmie Tang, Special Education

Understanding the Challenges Facing Minority and Low-Income Parents of a Child with Disabilities in an Early Childhood Program: A Qualitative Pilot Study

Sarah Taylor, Anthropology

Meliponiculture: Beekeeping, ancient Maya tradition, and a new gendered economy

Arumugam Thangavel, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Role of Hydrophobicity on supramolecular complex of Dibenzosuberone derivatives with Cucurbit[n]uril, (n=7,8)

Kathryn Theiss, Biology

Evolution of evening primroses in a changing climate

Devon Tsuno, Art and Design

LA River Seedling Reallocation

Gretel Vera-Rosas, Sociology

Changing the Narrative: Black and Latina Student-Moms in Higher Education

Philip Vieira, Psychology

Pharmacokinetic Comparison of Drugs Using a Novel Biosenor

Fang Wang, Biology

Using morpholinos to examine the function of skin-enriched genes in zebrafish

Sen Wang, Chemistry

Improvement in solubility of poor water-soluble Idoxuridine by antifreeze proteins

Zheng Yang, Public Administration and Public Policy

An Investigation into Social Networks of Families of Children with Disabilities: How Inter-Organizational Collaboration Can Enhance Parent Involvement and Wellbeing

Liudong Zuo

Data Movements With Higher Priority Over the Dedicated Channels of High Performance Networks

Ellie Zenhari, Art and Design

Visualizing Urban Issues Facing Port and Adjacent Communities



























Faculty RSCA Grant (FRG) Recipients

Adriana Aldana, Social Work

Fostering Youth Participation in Diverse Democracy

Mark Carrier, Psychology

The Psychology and Neuroscience of Personal and Educational Technology Use

Nancy Deng, Information System and Operations Management

Understanding Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Analytics Professionals

Kirstin Ellsworth, Art and Design

Architectural Patronage and Proliferation: The Saarinen Churches in Columbus,Indiana

Lorna Fitzsimmons, Humanities

Death Metaphors by Which to Live: Politicization of Spirit Influence Inokot P’bitek’s Poem Song of Lawino

Janine Gasco, Anthropology

Ceramics and the Late Postclassic Economy in the Soconusco Region,Chiapas, Mexico

Karin Kram, Biology

Molecular Mechanisms of Adaptation and Long-Term Survival in Bacteria

Saili Kulkarni, Special Education

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Device Access Among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students and Families

Erin Merz, Psychology

Social support and pain in patients with rheumatologic disease

Jerry Moore, Anthropology

Scholarly Book--The Andean House:Dynamics of Domestic Space in South America

Jacqueline Padilla-Gamino, Biology

Thermal stress impacts on the reproductive performance of reef building corals in Hawaii

John Price, Physics

ElasticΛ-Proton Scattering with the CLAS Detector

Nop Ratansripong, Nursing

Attitudes Toward Unwanted Pregnancy and Practice Behaviors to Prevent Pregnancy Among Thai Nursing Students

Marek Suchenek, Computer Science

Singularity in the Structure of Worst-case Heaps

Bing Xu/Rui Sun, Management and Marketing/Public Administration

Marketization of Public Services and Customer Satisfaction

Bing Tang, Computer Science

Energy-Efficient Virtual Machine Replication in Cloud-Based Data Centers

Kathryn Theiss, Biology

Defining species boundaries in rush lilies

Karen Wilson, Psychology

Understanding the neurocognitive and psychosocial predictors of academics predictors of academic performance in an ethnically diverse body of freshman college students

Zhao Xia, Management and Marketing

Understanding Values to Customers: An Exploratory Study of OnlineConsumer Reviews