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Campus Approval and Submission Policy

California State University Dominguez Hills maintains an institutional commitment to basic and applied research, the dissemination of research results, and to creative activity in the visual and performing arts. Members of the faculty and staff implement this commitment through the creation of new knowledge, the development of innovative teaching techniques, and the generation of programs responsive to student and community needs. Much of this activity is facilitated by funding from external agencies.

Those preparing external funding proposals should familiarize themselves with the procedures and policies involved. Abiding by the regulations in place will assist in the generation of successful proposals that enhance the scholarly life of the campus community and lead to improvements in the educational process.

Most agencies place the legal responsibility for awards on the institution; therefore, it is the policy of the University that no proposal, irregardless of the generating office, shall be submitted without the full endorsement of appropriate representatives of the University. Before any proposal is forwarded to a potential funding agency, whether public or private, it must be reviewed and approved for consistency and compliance with college, institutional, state, and federal policies. These approvals are recorded on the CSUDH Proposal Approval form known as the Greensheet. (see link below)

Regulations pertaining to the development and submission of proposals is explained in detail in the Research and Funded Projects Handbook [PDF].

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