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Graduate Student Policy Handbook

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We are pleased that you have chosen California State University, Dominguez Hills for your graduate work and welcome you to our campus.

Graduate Study is characterized by an in-depth study in a specific discipline. Students work closely with the faculty in their program regarding their course requirements and culminating experience, which can be a thesis, project, comprehensive exam, portfolio or activity specific to the field of study. Because of this close student/faculty interaction and the individuality of each student’s experience, the requirements for admission, retention, and graduation are established uniquely by each program or department. Prospective and current graduate students should be familiar with the requirements of the program they plan to complete and have a written plan completed with a faculty advisor outlining requirements to be satisfied. Each graduate program has a coordinator who is prepared to offer program information and advisement.

The Graduate Student Policy Handbook [PDF] is intended to supplement the information about individual programs which may be found in the general University Catalog and in individual program publications. It reiterates all the minimum university requirements and policies that all master’s degree students must meet. Most programs have additional or higher requirements in at least some of the areas discussed. The University Catalog has additional information about University policies and services, and should be consulted when questions arise.

In addition, the Graduate Student Policy Handbook [PDF] contains information about available scholarships, fellowships and research opportunities and various support services on the campus. The graduate experience will be greatly enhanced if graduate students seek out these opportunities for academic enrichment available within the disciplines or at the University.