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Health Examination

A medical history form, sent to students upon admission, should be filed with the Student Health Center before registration.

Measles and Rubella Immunizations Health Screening Provisions

All new and readmitted former students born after January 1, 1957, will be notified of the requirement to present proof of measles and rubella immunizations. This is not an admissions requirement, but shall be required of students by the beginning of the next term of enrollment in the CSU. At the beginning of the next term of enrollment, those so notified who have not presented acceptable proof of the immunization shall be notified further of the need to comply before receiving registration materials for the succeeding term. Proof of measles and rubella immunizations also shall be required for certain groups of enrolled students who have increased exposure to those diseases.

Persons subject to these health screening provisions include:

  • new students enrolling fall 1986 and later;
  • readmitted students re-enrolling in fall 1986 and later;
  • students who reside in campus residence halls;
  • students who obtained their primary and secondary schooling outside the United States;
  • students enrolled in clinical sciences and practicum, student teaching, or field work involving preschool age children, school age children, or field work taking place in a hospital or health care setting.

The Student Health Center provides immunizations without cost to those students unable to obtain acceptable proof of these immunizations.