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International Student

  1. Request official academic records and transcripts from all colleges and universities where you completed undergraduate coursework and have them sent directly to the Office of Admissions. If your institution will not mail original documents, exact copies that have been certified as such by the appropriate officials should be sent directly to our campus in a sealed (unopened) envelope. Official English translations (must be word-for-word translations) of all supporting educational documents must be submitted. The Admissions office will require final grades, marks, exam certificates, etc. prior to determining admission.
  2. Financial Requirements: The international student must be able to provide proof of financial sponsorship for your educational costs while in the U.S. There is no financial aid funding (including scholarships) available to international students. Work opportunities are available on campus.
  3. English Proficiency: Graduate applicants generally must have a minimum TOEFL score of 213 (computer version) or a 550 (paper version). Clinical Science majors must have a minimum score of 231 (computer version) or a 575 (paper version).
  4. Request supplemental application materials from the individual program department you are applying to.
  5. Complete all sections of the CSU Graduate Application for Admission and submit to the Office of Admissions along with the $55 non-refundable application fee. You may apply by written application, or via the internet at Be sure to meet the stated application deadline.
  6. Complete the supplemental department application and other program application requirements per departmental instruction (if applicable).
  7. Contact the Office of Admissions to verify receipt of your application, application fee, official transcripts, test scores (if applicable), and any other necessary documentation.

Additional Information for International Students