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Enrollment Steps for Fall

  • October 1 - CSU Mentor opens for first-time freshmen and upper-division transfer applicants.
  • November 30 - Priority application filing period ends.
  • January 1 - Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) opens.
  • February 15  Freshmen Applicants submit official transcript through 1st Semester of 12th Grade if requested.
  • March 2 - Priority Financial Aid Application Deadline.
  • March 15 – Transfer Applicants submit official transcript(s) of all completed work to receive a transfer credit analysis prior to course registration.
  • May 1 - Intent to enroll deadline.
  • May 6 - Deadline for Freshmen Admits to take the EPT/ELM test.
  • July 15- All Undergraduate admits submit official transcript(s) through Spring. High School transcripts must include graduation date for Freshmen.

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