Requesting Facilities Planning and Construction Management Services

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Project Request

The Project Request Form [PDF] is used to initiate campus capital projects (including space requests). To initiate a project, please complete the Project Request Form. This includes projects funded by the campus, donors, grants, and auxiliary organizations.

If your proposed project entails basic refurbishment like painting, carpeting, repairs, or maintenance, please contact Facilities Services and submit an online Work Request.

Building Permit

(FPCM) is mandated to enforce building, life-safety, and accessibility codes for all campus construction projects (State University Administrative Manual 9232). All design and construction must be in compliance with the latest edition of the California Building Code (CBC). A Building Permit is required whenever a building or structure is erected, constructed, enlarged, repaired, improved, removed, converted, or demolished (CBC Section 106).

No physical work may be initiated without a permit approved by the campus Deputy Building Official. The Deputy Building Official is a campus-appointed individual responsible for campus-specific building code administrative and operational control. This individual acts as a deputy under the authority of the CSU Building Official who is responsible for the overall administration and operational control of the building code.

All campus departments, auxiliaries, vendors, or students proposing to undertake construction projects with their own funds must have their project reviewed and approved by FPCM and have a Building Permit issued before soliciting bids for construction of the project. Building permits are required for any contractor working on campus (not under the direction of Facilities Services and/or FPCM).

Building Permit Application Form [PDF]

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