Staff Listing

Bill Dickerson, Interim Executive Director
Ext. 3306

Business and Finance:

Dawn Shimizu
Director of Business and Finance
Ext. 3255

Accounting Manager
Ext. 3244

Fernando Rodriguez
Accounts Tech.
Ext. 3216

Patty Young
Accounts Tech.
Ext. 3241

Jim Egan
Payroll/Human Resources
Ext. 3028

Clyde Bustamante
Receptionist/Clerical Assistant I
Ext. 3215

Grants and Contracts Administration:

Karen Garcia
Director, Grants and Contracts Administration
Ext. 3058/ Fax: (310) 532-3483

Lauren Ansorge
Grants Administrator
Ext. 2373

Rita Darcy
Grants Administrator
Ext. 3059

Commercial Services:

Richard Chester
Director of Commercial Services
Ext. 3814

Delia Diego
Office Manager, Dining Services
Ext. 3814

Abel Armenta
Campus Dining Manager (Tully's & Green)
Ext. 3814

Jonathan Djapri
Campus Dining Supervisor (CAMS)
Ext. 3814

Melissa Davidson
Catering Coordinator
Ext. 3814

Alesia Spencer
Catering & Event Supervisor
Ext. 3814

Jairo Bogarin
DH Sports Lounge Supervisor
Ext. 3814