Staff Listing

Bill Dickerson, Interim Executive Director
Ext. 3306

Business and Finance:

Russel D. Statham, M.B.A.
Director of Business and Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 3255

Ming Xu
Senior Accountant
Ext. 3244

Fernando Rodriguez
Accounts Tech.
Ext. 3216

Patty Young
Accounts Tech.
Ext. 3241

Jim Egan
Payroll/Human Resources
Ext. 3028

Clyde Bustamante
Receptionist/Clerical Assistant I
Ext. 3215

Grants and Contracts Administration:

Karen Garcia
Director, Grants and Contracts Administration
Ext. 3058/ Fax: (310) 532-3483

Rita Darcy
Grants Administrator
Ext. 3059

Commercial Services:

Richard Chester
Director of Commercial Services
Ext. 3814

Delia Diego
Office Manager, Dining Services
Ext. 3814

Abel Armenta
Campus Dining Manager (Tully's & Green)
Ext. 3814

Jonathan Djapri
Campus Dining Supervisor (CAMS)
Ext. 3814

Melissa Davidson
Catering Coordinator
Ext. 3814

Alesia Spencer
Catering & Event Supervisor
Ext. 3814

Jairo Bogarin
DH Sports Lounge Supervisor
Ext. 3814