Board of Directors

Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017



Dr. Willie J. Hagan
CSU Dominguez Hills

Dr. Rodrick Hay
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
CSU Dominguez Hills

Ms. Naomi Goodwin
Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance
CSU Dominguez Hills

Dr. William Franklin
Vice President for Student Affairs
CSU Dominguez Hills

Administration Director:

Ms. Carrie E. Stewart
Vice President for University Advancement
CSU Dominguez Hills

Faculty Director:

Dr. Leena Furtado
Professor, College of Education
CSU Dominguez Hills

Dr. Cornelia Brentano
Associate Professor, Child Development Program
CSU Dominguez Hills


Student Director:

Mr. Jordan Sylvester
President of Associated Students Inc.
CSU Dominguez Hills

Staff Director:

Mr. David Gamboa 
Assistant Vice President for External Relations 

Community Directors:

Mr. Alan Caldwell
Shell Pipeline Company

Mr. David Donell

Ms. Del L. Huff
Retired, Senior Deputy
Supervisor Yvonne Braithwaite Burke

Mr. Gil Ivey
Retired, Chief Administrative Officer,
The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Mr. Dana Ward
Manager, The Boeing Company

Mr. Phillip D'Amato

Mr. Roger von Ting
Executive Vice President and CFO
Watson Land Company 

Mr. Jerome G. Groomes


Emeritus Directors:

Mr. Clifford Cannon

Mr. Don Herman

Mr. George J. Schmeltzer

Mr. Ken Putnam

Ms. Pilar Hoyos



Mr. Phillip D'Amato
Chair of the Board

Mr. Roger von Ting
Vice Chair

Dr. Russel Statham
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Naomi Goodwin
Interim Executive Director