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Faculty Mentoring Faculty Program pairing outstanding achievers with less experienced faculty members. Mentoring Faculty for Faculty Success will get you started on the path of professional grown and development. Start today!

What’s in it for you?

Among the benefits to the individual faculty member are:

  • assistance in understanding the structure and culture of the department/program and developing a professional network
  • individual recognition and encouragement
  • honest criticism and feedback
  • advice on responsibilities and professional priorities
  • knowledge of the “system” as well as informal rules
  • long-range career planning
  • support and advocacy from colleagues, and
  • opportunities for collaborative projects.

Mentors gain:

  • satisfaction of helping with the professional growth and development of faculty member
  • contribution to the overall improvement in teaching, research, and service
  • opportunities for self-renewal
  • collaboration, feedback and interaction with junior faculty member
  • a network of former mentees, and
  • expanded networks of colleagues and collaborators.