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Instructional design is a process of creating an engaging learning environment with instructional materials using instructional models and theories. By understanding the needs of the learner, the instructor can help transfer knowledge, provide engaging, well-organized materials, while enhancing instruction. Creating a rich, engaging learning experience for the student to facilitate learning.

We will continually introduce new articles, resources, webinars, best practices, and cutting edge information to continually tantalize your creative processes.

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Technology and Student Learning

Assessing Student Learning  by edtechteacher

Rubrics to Measure Student Learning
iPad Student Collaboration


Increase Student Success

The more students write, the more likely they are to be successful in college and in their careers. Join a campus-wide conversation about giving students more and better opportunities to write in all of their courses.

Writing Resources available here.


The California Hispanic Serving Institution Research Article

Article by Dr. Elizabeth J. Wider, RN, MSN, Ed.D
Faculty School of Nursing

HSIs are defined as institutions of higher education with 25% of the undergraduate population of Hispanic heritage.
Download article [WORD DOC].

Reimagining Learning

Richard Culatta at TEDxBeaconStreet
Article by Richard Culatta / TEDxTalks, January 10, 2013

Video by TEDx Beacon Street featuring Richard Culatta, on Reimagining Learning. He identifies 3 major challenges with our current approach to education and suggests how a shift to personalized learning is the key to the future of education in America. To make this shift, we must close the digital divide between those who can leverage technology to reimagine learning and those who simply use technology to digitize the status quo. Click to view video.

Adult Learners

ProfGreene / ProfGreen's channel, June 30, 2011

Is there a difference between pedagogy and andragogy? What methods or techniques do you use to teach adults? Here's a video explaining the differences by ProfGreen to help you reflect on your experiences in the classroom. Click to view video.

Student Comments: Moving from Participation to Contribution

by Maryellen Weimer, Ph.D. in The Teaching Professor Blog

What is the difference between participation and contribution in the classroom? How do we encourage students to make contributions? Maryellen Weimer, Ph.D. in Teaching Professor Blog provides insight from a 1987 article still relevant today. Learn what makes a contribution and ways to encourage student contributions. <Read more>

Book Review

Teaching Naked: a Review
by Kate of Technology for Teaching and Learning

Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning by José Antonio Bowen