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Perceived Teaching Effectiveness Schedule

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For your convenience, the Online Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) Schedule Spring 2017 is available to download [PDF].

                                 Spring 2017 Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) Schedule)
Jan. 27Faculty Affairs sends requests to departments to submit early ending course information. Course information should be provided at least two (2) weeks before course is scheduled to end. 
Feb. 27Faculty Affairs sends PTE notices to students for early ending courses.
Mar. 13

Faculty Affairs sends Online PTE Selection Form and Optional Questions to Full-Time Faculty. Reminder notices are sent depending on course end date.

Mar. 20Full Time Faculty select their course(s) for their PTEs and submit to Department Chair/ Program Coordinator for approval.
Mar. 27Department Chair/ Program Coordinator approves Full-Time Faculty's PTE Selection.
Mar. 27Faculty Affairs staff will make request to AIS to load course data to database.
Mar. 28Faculty Affairs sends PTE notices to students for 15 week courses.
Apr. 24-28Reminder emails are sent to students.
May 1-5Reminder emails are sent to students
May 12Last day to complete online PTEs for 15 week ending courses.
May 26Online PTE results are made available to College Deans, Department Chairs/ Program Coordinators and Instructors.
June 5Online PTE results are printed and are automatically filed.


cc:   Clare Weber, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, Faculty Affairs and Development

Kheim Ha, Programmer

Ed Liao, System Analyst

Instructional Deans

Administrative Assistants