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Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE)

Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTEs) forms are administered every semester. PTE selection forms are sent to the colleges for distribution among full-time faculty only. Campus policy requires that all full-time non-probationary (tenured) faculty members select one course each semester for which PTEs will be automatically sent to their Personnel Action Files. Full-time probationary (tenure-track) faculty are encouraged to designate at least two courses per semester for which PTE evaluations are automatically sent to their Personnel Action Files. Part-time faculty do not receive PTE selection forms, as they must administer PTEs for all courses taught.

Please address any questions relating to PTEs to Dianne D. Vogel via telephone at (310) 243-3766 or e-mail at


For more information about PTEs at Dominguez Hills, please review the menu to the left. You are welcome to call our office if you require additional information.