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The Facilities Services lock shop is responsible for the management of the campus master key system. The lock shop issues new keys and electronic key FOBs. In addition, the lock shop maintains the campus door locks, including the new electronic locks, standard keyed locks, office file cabinets, drawers, padlocks, keys to the swimming pool, and software-controlled key cabinets. The lock shop removes broken keys, completes core changes, and provides lock set repairs. The lock shop handles issues related to automatic door initial response problems, completes door closure repairs, completes repairs to building exit door hardware, and conducts preventive maintenance.  

Access to campus facilities is essential to the smooth operation of the university. However, the need for access must be balanced by an equally critical concern for the security and integrity of the facilities and their contents. Therefore, all keys must be checked out in person with an authorized University Key Request form and photo identification.

The University Key Request form [PDF] must be filled out stating whom the key is requested by, whom the key is requested for, and the building and location to be accessed. All key request forms must be signed by the appropriate dean, department head, or his/her designee. The key request form is also available on the Facilities Services website under "Forms and Policies."

Prior to reissuing a new key, lost or stolen keys must be reported to University Police, which will require a signed statement from the responsible party describing the details of how the key was lost or misplaced. A replacement fee for each key, lost or stolen, must be paid by the responsible party at the Cashier's Office prior to issuance of the replacement(s), or separation from the university.  Requests for replacement of lost or stolen keys must be made to Facilities Services by submitting a key request form with a copy of the Cashier's receipt attached. The key request form must be signed by the appropriate administrator. 

The fees for keys are:

Great Grand Master Key$50.00
Building Master Key$25.00
Area Master Key$25.00
Building Entrance Key$10.00
Change Key$10.00
Miscellaneous Key$10.00


Upon separation from the university, employees and students must return all university keys to University Police, which is open 24 hours per day, seven (7) days per week. Alternatively, university keys may be returned directly to the lock shop between the hours of 7:30 am to 12:00 pm and 12:30 to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, except holidays. A receipt will be issued for the returned keys.

For more information regarding the CSUDH Key Control Policy and Procedures, please refer to Presidential Memorandum (PM) 09-03 [PDF].

Locks and Clocks

Twice a year at the daylight savings time intervals, the lock shop conducts the replacement of batteries in all university electronic locks and clocks with the assistance of the facility maintenance mechanics and facility workers. 

The locksmiths are dedicated to providing quick response lock repairs and security to the campus community. Questions or concerns may be directed to:

Paul Marsh, Lead Locksmith

Jerry Finch, Locksmith

Shop Hours
Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
(310) 243-2842
Location: Physical Plant (Map to Building 80) [PDF]

Manager, Building Trades
Richard Tetrick