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Summer Bridge Academy

Spend the Summer Building Your Future.

College is closer than you think. So start strong at CSUDH's Summer Bridge Academy. This six-week program is a great way to complete required coursework and build your skills in English and math. It is also a great way to start building the confidence you will need to succeed in college.

Who Can Attend?

Summer Bridge Academy is open to students who have taken the EPT/ELM tests and, as a result, are required to participate in Early Start by taking extra classes in English and math during the summer to prepare for college-level coursework. Preference will be given to students whose ELM-EPT test scores require them to take two math and two English courses in preparation for college-level courses in these areas.

Take Classes You Need and Get Ahead

Summer Bridge Academy lets you complete courses you'll need to take anyway, so you can get ahead. Financial aid may be available to help cover the cost of summer classes, if you qualify.

Start Your CSUDH Experience Strong

The six weeks you spend at the Summer Bridge Academy will prepare you for the classroom and for college. This is one summer that could change your future - and your life.

Learn From CSUDH Faculty

Summer Bridge Academy English and math classes are taught on the CSUDH campus, under the mentoring guidance of CSUDH faculty. Classes are small and supportive, which means you'll have plenty of interaction with your professors who are here to see you succeed. 

Get Familiar With The Campus 

Participating in the Summer Bridge Academy will give you a great introduction to CSUDH's beautiful campus and to student life. You'll learn your way around, while also learning about all the resources available to you - including the Loker Student Union, the newly expanded University Library, math and English learning labs, and the computer labs.

Meet Your Fellow Students

You'll be joining a group of other first-time students attending CSUDH, who are also building their academic skills to prepare for college. The friendships you make at Summer Bridge Academy will last throughout your college experience and beyond.


Call (310) 243-3632.