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Programs and Services

Get the tools, resources and information you need to succeed.

You're ready to start college. Now get ready to succeed. The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) prepares you for your first year of college classes, studies and life with a wide range of tools, resources, information and guidance. And what you encounter here will help you throughout your college experience.

Here are the programs and services available to you through EOP.

Summer Bridge Academy 

Your first step to success at CSUDH.

Your introduction to EOP is CSUDH's Summer Bridge Academy. A six-week summer program completed before the fall semester starts, Summer Bridge Academy strengthens your English and math skills required for CSUDH classes and allows you to get a head start on completing required developmental courses. Learn more about Summer Bridge.

Individualized Academic Advising

Get the guidance you need to succeed.

You'll receive individualized, one-on-one academic advising to put you on the right path to your CSUDH degree. Your academic advisor is here to help you: 

  • Choose and schedule the right courses
  • Select a degree program and create a roadmap
  • Stay on top of your coursework and classes
  • Connect with professors who support your success
  • Balance school, work and family
  • Get the most from your university experience

Your advisor will also intervene early to help resolve any problems you might have with particular classes and subjects and make sure you don't fall behind.

Free Supplemental Instruction

Receive academic support & study skills

Offered only to EOP students, free supplemental instruction in English, math and other academic subjects helps you build your skills and confidence so you can succeed in class. Your supplemental instructors for math and English will sit in on your classes, model appropriate classroom behaviors and study skills, and provide you with individualized support and group workshops outside of class. 

Peer Mentoring

Being a part of the EOP, we require that you meet with your assigned peer mentor twice throughout each semester. Each Peer Mentor has experience with the program, and because of our services, they are on the path to a successful future. Each meeting you have with your peer mentor, you should take advantage to ask your peer mentor questions on what ways you can become successful. 

EOP Office

Our EOP Office is located in Welch Hall D-350. Our office provides many great services to assist our students in every way possible. It provides space to form study groups amongst peers, and room to do solo studying and homework. When our office isn’t heavy with students working with academics, we allow students to socialize with one another, play games, and eat their lunch. Our office also allows students to print, make copies, and microwave or refrigerate their food items.

Cohort Model

Succeeding together. 

You'll start EOP with a small cohort group of first-time freshman who share many of your experiences. Your cohort will go through the Summer Bridge Academy and EOP with you. They'll become your support system as well as your friends. The success rate of students in cohorts like this is very high.

Get Connected

Through EOP, your advisor will make sure you take advantage of the full range of resources and student services available at CSUDH. These include: