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EAP Benefits: Stronger Skills, Fewer Tests

Know Your Benefits

If you're an 11th grader in a California public high school, now's the time to take advantage of the Early Assessment Program. You'll find out your senior year what areas you need to work on to get ready for CSUDH college English and mathematic classes. Plus, you'll have your whole senior year to build those skills before you start at the university.

EAP participation can also mean taking fewer tests and remedial college courses, with:

  • Exemption from the required CSU English and/or Entry Level Mathematics Placement Test, for all CSU campuses
  • Exemption from remediation course at any CSU campuses
  • The opportunity to earn an exemption from the CBEST exam
  • The opportunity to earn an exemption from CCC Placement Tests

Exemption from CSU Placement Tests

If you're planning on attending CSUDH or any CSU campus, you may earn an exemption from taking the required CSU English and/or Entry Level Mathematics Placement Test by completing one of the following with the indicated results or scores:

English Placement Test (EPT)Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)
500 or above critical reasoning SAT
22 or above ACT English
3 or above AP Language Composition or Literature Composition
EAP English Ready
EAP English Conditional, cleared through English Senior Year Experience
550 or above critical reasoning SAT
23 or above ACT Mathematics
3 or above AP Calculus AB, BC or Statistics
EAP Mathematics Ready
EAP Mathematics Conditional, cleared through mathematics Senior Year Experience

Getting Started With EAP 

Participation in EAP is free and easy. To get started, you'll be asked to take the EAP test administered to 11th graders during the spring semester at your public California High School.

Contact us to learn how to best take advantage of EAP in your school.

Learn more

To learn how you can prepare for the EAP visit the CSU SUCCESS website. There, you'll find online tutorials, free practice problems, essay prompts, and much more to help you get ready for the EAP test and meet CSU English and mathematics requirements.