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For Counselors

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EAP Matters

Help Your Students Get Ready For College

CSUDH shares your commitment to supporting your students' success, and encouraging more high school students to attend university.

CSU Early Assessment Program Changes 2015 News click here

More than 80% of high school students participate in the EAP during their junior year. Chances are that your current seniors took the EAP.

In August, students and high schools will receive EAP results. The results will indicate a student’s readiness for college-level English-language arts and mathematics. Students who receive a ready status are eligible to enroll in college level courses at the CSU or a participating California Community College. Students who receive a ready-conditional status may clear their conditional status by completing a CSU EAP approved senior year experience (SYE). Approved SYE may be found at Students who do not intend to participate in a SYE must take the CSU Placement Test (ELM and/or EPT) by the campus recommended date.

Student EAP results will be shared with the CSU only for those students who gave permission to release the results to the CSU during the exam. Students may check their EAP status on the STAR Report or check the website. Click “Get College-Ready with the EAP” link and check EAP status on-line.

EAP presentations to help seniors make their EAP results count are available upon request at (310) 243-2333.

If you are a high school counselor, we encourage you to tell your 11th graders about Early Assessment Program (EAP) and the benefits of taking the EAP test.

Tell your students that taking the EAP will allow them to: 

  • Find out how prepared they are for university-level English and mathematics courses
  • Identify which subject areas they need to work on before attending university
  • Focus on building those skills during their senior year
  • Have the opportunity to be exempt from taking the EPT/ELM Placement Tests required by CSU campuses

To learn more about EAP, contact us today.