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Mission/Functional Statement

At California State University, Dominguez Hills, the Disabled Student Services office is committed to providing opportunities for higher education to students with disabilities, to increase the representation of persons with disabilities in its student enrollment, and to make its programs, activities and facilities fully accessible to persons with disabilities. This includes identification and removal of architectural barriers, consultation on course accommodations, the loan of assistive devices, advising and referral to on and off campus offices.

Definition of Disability

We define a "disabling condition" as one, which limits functions such as walking, standing, sitting, writing, communicating, seeing or hearing. Students with temporary or permanently disabling conditions are eligible for service. All disabilities must be verified by a health care professional; this includes physicians, counselors, chiropractors, etc.

Goal of Disabled Student Services

The major focus of the office is on the individual needs of students. The goal is for each student participant to utilize the available services so independence and full integration into University life can be maximized.


All classroom and campus facilities are physically accessible at CSUDH. Even the student Housing on campus includes eighteen wheelchair accessible apartments.